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Zoot refurbishment by Mike

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It's that time, 

I made a decision before christmas a bass I used to own appeared in the sales section I talked myself out of buying it back! I dont need it. I sold it while ago for a few reasons I didn't need the 5th string since I wasnt gigging. It played great but I dont get on with active basses! The band I starting practicing with had different goals so the gigging didn't happen etc...etc.. So as logic dictates I stuck an offer in and its mine again. 

Now I didn't just purchase with the usual GAS I had put the feelers out to Mike at zoot about the possibility of working the bass into something special and it was positive enough for me to jump in. 

It's not going to be a quick process I need to raise some funds and another project will be worked on and sold to justify the purchase/work. 

So first up I need to do some fiddling on a DeArmond starfire I took in part exchange a while ago, the bass has been modded with pickups and they are a little close to the strings. Tomorrow I plan to lower them to get it playing better. 


Stay tuned 


So I started with the starfire today the plastic spacers the bass that were on the bass when I purchased it had been hacked at as you can see in the pictures. 

So a new set were purchased and j have been sanding them thinner to try and get a better position! It's slow work as I dont want to ruin them progress has been made and I will come back to it. 

This has also given me the chance to look at the pickups which should be Fred Hammon Darkstar pickups but I'm yet to find any markings 






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Update on progress
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Not had much time to continue with the lowering of the surrounds but hoping to get in the shed this week. 

Need to get the bridge pickup at least a couple of mil lower 

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11 hours ago, Reggaebass said:

Are the surrounds plastic?

Hi yes they are plastic but a real pain to sand down. 

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12 minutes ago, Joebethell said:

Hi yes they are plastic but a real pain to sand down. 

Yeah I did a similar thing a long time ago , and I used an electric palm sander , it took a while but I got there in the end, good luck 🙂

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Posted (edited)

Still not got round to final height adjustments on the pickup surrounds but I have encounter another small problem I was looking to replace the switch tip on the pickup selector but dont appear to be able to find one with a thread that works. I have tried a couple now and can only find 3mm as the smallest size which is still to large for the thread on the switch.

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Just leave these here Mike has made a start and exciting things are happening. 

Just took a band saw to my bass which is prep for the future fun! FB_IMG_1583782097023.thumb.jpg.151ee0bbdaf4c55c52b52a4972343557.jpg







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OK. You have snared me in. Is it chambering? Is it just slicing a chunk off?

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16 hours ago, owen said:

OK. You have snared me in. Is it chambering? Is it just slicing a chunk off?

Cutting back the body to have a new top which then can have new hardware,correct placement and size for the new pickups also filling the battery compartment on the back as wont be needing it.

I think mike has a few plans up his sleeves also so watch this space

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Bit more progress from Mike he has been filling the holes in the body with swamp ash ready for the top to go on although I still need to pick a top. 

May even ask for opinions once he has selected some for me to pick from. 






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On 15/03/2020 at 12:52, songofthewind said:

The shape is reminiscent of the Lakeland Daryl Jones model, no?

I have never really seen that before but kind of yeah 

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The Guild has moved on to a new home and Mike has now sent me some tops to choose between.

So could be time for a poll! 

I have my favourites but it's a really difficult to choose

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      Electrics: Aguilar AG-5J-70 pick ups. Klaus Noll 3 band EQ with Parametric mid, Bass, treble, pickup blend and active/passive options.  18vdc via a Gotoh 18vdc double quick change battery box.
      We may make some tweaks to that as we progress, but thats the starting point.  Mike is pretty busy at the moment but hoping it will be ready before the end of the year.  Thankfully I am only about 15 minutes from Mike's workshop so will be able to pop in regularly.
      Updates to follow...
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