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Reductions: Effect clearout Super Symmetry, Le Bass, bass clone, grace Felix, POD XT, CAB

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OK, a big effect clearout here. There are a raft of pedals set up on a pedalboard with a powersupply. 

Prices are collected - Bolton area. I don't know postage costs yet - will work out on an on demand basis.

Trades - not really looking for trades, I need to cover the cost of my Helix!
That said a Dingwall NG2-5 in white might pique my interest if I have sold enough...

Super Symmetry            £150
D'addario Tuner             £30
Pedaltrain classic 2      £60
Onespot    CS12            £90
Bass clone                     £35 

Pod Line6 XT                £60
CAB                               £150

All boxed, and the PSUs I would expect are pictured. All excellent to mint. There is velcro on the back of the ones on the board/
The Radar is a euro PSU, there's a shaver adapter in the box.

The POD has carry bag, PSU and manual. The bass pack is on it, I don't know how transferrable that is though.
The CAB is complete, The Felix with manual.

1 - pedalboard.JPG

2 boxes.JPG


4 POD XT.jpg

5 Felix.JPG


Soul food                        £40 (Sold)
TC Spectracomp           £30  (Sold)

Hall of fame                  £60 (Sold)

Aftershock                      £90 (Sold)

Two Notes le bass        £150 (Sold)

Grace Felix                   £650 (Sold)

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Ok, the board has not gone as a job lot so open to discussion on individual items.

work has suddenly gone man in so I may be a little slower than normal.


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If it helps anyone, I will be at the bass show in Manchester at the end of the month so can take things along there.


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5 hours ago, pbasspecial said:

If Pete doesn't, I will.

Already on hold for me. This will be my second time with this. I want to try running it before the Future Impact and C4 to see if it will improve the tracking even more by having even response across the strings. If it doesn’t do the trick then I’ll be happy to sell it on as I don’t use compression elsewhere.

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