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Three Squier 4's (Jazz / Jag / Fretless) - ALL SOLD

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Thinning the herd. a trio of Squiers bought over the past few years. Provided much enjoyment at various times and filled necessary gaps, but now only serving to make the bass rack look impressive from a distance. Time to go somewhere they'll get played. 


Squier Deluxe Jazz Bass IV Active, 3TS £140 [SOLD] 

Squier Jaguar, Black £150 [SOLD]

Squier Jazz Fretless, 3TS £130 [SOLD]




Postage £25 per bass but would rather meet up. 

Work in E14, live BR3. Collection possible at either, also happy to meet halfway if you’re in / near London. I also regularly travel between London and the Kent coast, on the offchance that might be relevant. 


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All sold

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