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Musicman Stingray 5 HS, White w/matching headstock £1100

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Selling this awesome bass, only because it's not getting used as I finally got the Stingray Classic I've been looking for!

Price £1100.

Been used a lot but in great condition.
Has a few scuffs here and there, worst being marks around the jack socket, and a small chip in the front top contour.
Had a couple of nuts break on me so ended up getting one cut(still compensated) Its solid and it's never broken since! Have photographed the worst bits. All cosmetic ofcourse, absolutely no issues with the performance of the bass at all. 

It sounds awesome, can get a great range from the pickups/eq, always ended up being bass I used for any recording or studio work. Nice weight, with a decent strap its never been an issue, feels nice and solid.
Have the Musicman hardcase for it too.

Not prepared to post, at least for now. Welcome to come and give it a play. 

Given it a nice clean up and a set up. Strung with month old Ernie Ball strings. 

*Weighed on bathroom scales and its around 5kg. Probably just over, it's a bit of a beast! But it's worth it, and with a decent strap it's not a problem. 

Any questions please ask! 



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Update with more information and photos
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On 16/01/2020 at 16:39, ebenezer said:

Very nice, what is the exact weight?

On my bathroom scales its seems to be just over 5kg. Have updated the post and photos as I'm sure about selling this  now :)

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    • By Ted Theodore Logan, III
      Ok!  So I've had to edit my Stingray advert as the moderators have sent me a private message to tell me it's just too darn silly and makes no sense!!
      I'm just kidding...
      The moderators are far too accepting of weirdos and the mentally deranged to ask of such a thing... 
      So basically, it has become apparent that people DO want my awesome Bass gear and that they have just been waiting for Santa to line their pockets with filthy Capitalistic paper notes before making any further enquiries into obtaining said gear... 
      With that being the case, I can now “officially" offer my beautiful Stingray for sale for £950.
      I'm no longer accepting trades for tins of baby sweetcorn as I have recently traded an Ian Hill Custom Spector Bass Guitar for several thousand tins of the stuff and I won't need any more tins of baby sweetcorn until at least Easter...
      So, that's the edit... Well worth a read, right?!... 
      (I've also added a picture of the hard shell case).
      Now back to the original guff below;
      (If you haven't read it already I implore you, please don't read it!  It's just the nonsensical ramblings of a deranged madman.  I'll save you the hassle and just let you know that I have a Music Man Stingray for sale priced at £950)
      Original guff;
      I'm assuming that y'all beautiful BC'ers are clued up on what a Stingray is but just in case you are not I shall inform you that it's a species of fish belonging to the “sea ray" group and from what I hear, they are highly respected by the Alligator and Crocodile communities... For what reason I'm sure I do not know... 
      I'm just messing with you... It's actually a 1964 science fiction television series created with the use of marionette puppetry and, at the time, was rather popular with the youth and adults alike... 
      In fact, I believe children nowadays are still rather fond of the big budget, special effect laden animated TV series. I know that I'm always hearing those kids singing the “Stingray" theme song as they trot home from school with their Beano comics and ¼ pound bag of boiled sweets.... 
      “STINGRAY... STINGRAY!!.. da, da, da, na-na, na-na.."
      “STINGRAY... STINGRAY!!.. da, da, na-na.."
      Ha, ha, ha!!! Those little whipper snappers, I remember the... 
      “Hey!... HEY!!! GET THE F*CK OFF MY GARDEN!!!"
      Ha, ha... Kids, aren't they great... 
      Anyway, where was I?... Oh yeah, Captain Scarlet...
      “Captain Scarlet, he's the one who knows the Mysteron game!!..."
      So yeah, my beautiful Captain Scarlet Music Man Stingray Thunderbirds* are go Bass is up for sale (or trade should you have the required number of tinned baby sweet corn to hand)†...
      * Disclaimer: this is NOT a Gibson Thunderbird Bass
      She's a mid 00's model USA Stingray with three band active eq and all the beautiful Music Man “Mother Bucking" tone you could want!!
      Previous owner had the factory nut replaced with a bronze nut and aside from that the rest of the instrument is all original and in “Top Cat" condition!!! (excellent condition)
      I wanna say the colour of the instrument is Scarlet as I don't know many other shades of red however I did type “scarlet red" in my web browser search engine whilst the safe search filter was off and “YEESH!!!", it's certainly not that colour... That was closer to a coral or salmon pink... 
      Fantastic colour though and with a beautiful matching headstock to boot!! Yes, the carpet does indeed match the drapes with this little fiery red head!.. “I'm talking about the Bass, you dirty-bird!.. not miss “Scarlet Red". 
      Dunno what else to say really... it's a Music Man Stingray... You've all seen one before and I'm hoping that you've all played one and if you haven't, I just might know where there's one for sale... 
      21 frets and a standard 34" scale length. This little Scarlet Pimpernel weighs in at around 4.6kg.
      Speaking of Scarlet Pimpernel, Ricky 4000 posted a link in another thread to a rather amusing little ditty that is featured in the Broadway musical “The Scarlet Pimpernel". The song has since chosen to reside in my head and has assured me that it won't be leaving anytime soon... I feel that the only way I might get it to leave me alone is by sharing the link and making others aware of it... Kinda like the plot of “The Ring" movies (SPOILER ALERT!!) Oh, wait... Should that have come first?... 
      Anyway, watch and listen, “If you'd be so kind..."

      That's about it really... 
      Comes with the Music Man fitted hard shell case... Ooh! ...and I think the colour could be close to “Cardinal" red, if you're quite particular about your shades of red... 
      “Sigh" I remember simpler times when there were literally just six colours, four being varying shades of grey...
      I can post the Music Man, insured at buyers expense (or uninsured if you're a reckless cheapo!!). 
      Also happy to meet within reasonable distance should you provide the funds to feed my vehicle with the fuel it so regularly desires!! “Feed me, Seymour... FEED ME!!!" “Sorry, did you just say something?..
      Also visits are welcome, though hard-hats and goggles are required at all times and all visitors must remain at least six feet from the glass...

      So without further ado, I present to you the gorgeous Stingray that could very well be yours... (Well, obviously it's not yours, it's mine but it could be yours for £950... or of course, the corn trade-off that I originally put forth)†...
      †Corn trade-off no longer accepted.

      “STINGRAY... STINGRAY!!.. da, da, da, na-na, na-na.."

      Oops... Not that one...

      Darn... My mistake!!..

      There we go...


      Hard Shell Case...

      ...and for those with no knowledge of what a ‘Stingray' in a ‘Shell' looks like...
    • By Fred Leicester
      I’ve had this bass for a couple of years, but it’s not getting a lot of use as I’m really not playing 5 stringers any more, so I’m looking to let it go...
      Just been professionally serviced and set up with new strings (Ernie Ball Slinky). 
      I’d be interested in trades for a MIJ/MIM jazz bass, I’m after a 60s/62 reissue ideally, also roadworns. Will add cash for the right bass/one of higher value than my Ray.
      Bass in located in Norwich (as am I 😆). I have a soft case for the bass, could courier as I have a guitar box to pack it in, or I’d consider delivering in East Anglia for the right trade/price etc! 😊
      Any questions, just ask...

    • By Jarczan
      NEW PRICE 1000 !!!!
      Sound Samples: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FBZAiqArPSBhUibqIkFEKytnit7Z8-IT/view?usp=sharing
      Sample order: Neck Flat - Neck EQ - Both Flat - Both EQ - Bridge Flat - Bridge EQ
      Body: Afzelia(front) + Sycamore Thin Layer +  Bubinga(back) Construction: Neck-Through-Body Fingerboard: Ebony with Blue Led Dots Neck: Shedua with Flamed Sycamore Strips Scale: 34 String spacing: around 19mm Tuners: Gotoh Pickups: EMG 40P5 + EMG40DC Electronics: EMG BQC System 18V (Vol - Balance - Stack Mid/MidFreq - Stack Treble/Bass) Bridge: Brass Hipshot A Style Shaller Straplocks Included Hard Case Included Weight around: 5.1kg / 11lbs The bass recently came back from the luthier:
      The old keys were replaced with new Gotohs Old Schaller Bridge was replaced with a new Hipshot A Style Electronics upgraded to 18V One EMG 40DC replaced by EMG 40P5 New frets Fingerboard sanding before placing new frets Setup for 40-120 strings Bass is located in Poznań, Poland. I'd prefer to keep it EU only.
      Money adjustment to be discussed.

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