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Unexpected Rehearsal Results

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Playing at a charity festival at Ascot Racecourse in a big open marquee stage facing the festival. We started play our first set and the bass sounded great on stage. Big and round with a sort of cool ambience - surprising in the circs.

We finished playing turned off the wireless transmitter and I set my bass back on the stand. Only to  hear my bass amp announce what a treat it was to have the band, that they would be back later and the next event would be over at the...

Yes, my bass wireless and the announcement mics were on the same frequency. The reason for all that “ambience” was that I had been treating the entirety of the racecourse beyond the music area  to a 45 minute funky bass solo through the Ascot Racecourse tannoy system. Swapped to a cable for the next set!

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6 hours ago, TrevorR said:

Swapped to a cable for the next set!

For why? 😘

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