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14 minutes ago, taunton-hobbit said:

Good take (if a bit fast) of the Bunny Wailer original...............


Yeah you’re right, I just listened to the original and it’s slower ☝️, I didn’t know Freddie mcgregor had done a version too 


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On 04/10/2020 at 09:57, oakforest5961 said:

It's been 9 months since Alain M. posted anything on YouTube, until yesterday that is:

Brilliant reggae bass tone as always from him.

The line at 58 secs with filter is Flabba from my favourite dub album ..

Not sure if it comes from and earlier tune maybe Wailing Souls off top of my head 


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37 minutes ago, tthiggins said:

Just in case there's no Wailing Souls on here 🙂


Shocking, there wasn't! Check out the Spotify playlist from the thread that I have attempted to keep up to date - quite a few are not on Spotify, and I have been sticking mainly to just one track by each artist. Pretty comprehensive list! 



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This evening on 6 Music (6'oclock UK time I think) on the Steve Lamaq show.

As part of a classic albums series.... today it's Handsworth Revolution by Steel Pulse.

Steve will play the whole album plus discussion with David Hines. Will be available on BBC Sounds player of course!

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On 24/09/2020 at 18:31, Reggaebass said:

I don’t take much notice of polls , but It’s nice to hear that 3 of Bob Marley’s albums , legend, Exodus , and catch a fire,  all got spots in the 500 greatest albums of all time , here’s a few of my favourites  🙂




i grew up listening to the wailers in luding Bunny & Peter Tosh. in my humble view I think Bunny Wailers's Blackheart man is one of the finest reggae albums ever.

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