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The Reggae Thread


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On 10/01/2020 at 22:09, Reggaebass said:

I just thought I’d start a general reggae thread where anything reggae or ska related can be  posted , like videos , events,  news , techniques, equipment,  anything your working on , or just about anything really 🙂

I started bass lessons when I was about 15 and was taught by a blues bassist , but I quickly found out that reggae was my passion, so I was playing blues and reggae, this was one of the first tunes I played ,  

What A coincidence My first ever tune i ever learned was the Heathen on a 6 string electric. Em x2 C x1 Gx1 from the same Album. What a git. took me about 3 months to get a chop and the rest of my life to master it. However I do prefer the LIVE versions especially Live at the Rainbow( Inspired ) one of my Marley Favourites. However in my opinion Marley would not have been so good without the Wailers. ( In my opinion.) phenomenal Band 


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18 minutes ago, Nail Soup said:

How about this? Is it reggae.... sounds to me like a reggae/ragga vocal with drum and bass remix.

Nia Archives.


I like that, I used to be quite a big fan of jungle, I’d say it’s more along those lines , do you remember general levy- incredible, that was a big tune 

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Here is the Barry Brown original and the King Tubby dub. The bass in this dub mix is probably my favourite and one of the most gloriously note filled it goes everywhere: no simple repetition on this one. 





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