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Darkglass / NeuralDSP moving into hardware???? UPDATE: The Quad Cortex

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Yup, despite the underwhelming first demo vid, it’s gone down VERY well at NAMM, which is promising!  Not seen any bassists talk about it though, so i wonder if It’s just guitar models that are ready at the moment. 

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On 11/01/2020 at 13:39, owen said:

Off topic and all that, but if I wanted to get all profile-y can I do it without spending the best part of £1.5K?


On 11/01/2020 at 14:20, fretmeister said:

A used Kemper. Other than that, no.

Actually not quite correct:-  the Mooer GE 300 and it's smaller sibling the GE 250 (£399 announced at NAMM 2020) will get you there:

"Like most of the competition, the GE250 includes editing software for ease of use as a recording interface but where Mooer are offering something over its midrange rivals is the Kemper-esque Tone Capture function. This allows you to sample an amp to create new models on the GE250."


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List of bass amps: 
  1. Bass Super Valve Ampeg® SVT®
  2. California Bass 400 Mesa Boogie® Bass 400+®
  3. Bass Flip-top Ch 64’ Ampeg® B15 – 1964 Channel
  4. Bass Flip-top Ch 66′ Ampeg® B15 – 1966 Channel
  5. Bass Flip-top Patch  Ampeg® B15 – Jumped
  6. G400K Gallien Krueger® 400RB®
  7. British Bass 50 Bright: Marshall® Super Bass® 50 Bright
  8. British Bass 50 Normal: Marshall® Super Bass® 50 Normal
  9. British Bass 50 Patch: Marshall® Super Bass® 50 Jumpered
List of bass cabs:
  1. 410 Bass CL = Ampeg® SVT-410HE 4×10 bass cabinet (not sure what speakers they use)
  2. D410C Darkglass® = Darkglass® D410C loaded with custom Eminence® ceramic drivers
Bass overdrives:
  1. Darkglass® Microtubes B3K®
  2. Darkglass® Vintage Microtubes®
  3. BDDI: Tech 21® Bass Driver DI® 
  4. Soviet Fuzz: EHX® Russian Big Muff®
  5. Animate Fuzz: Human Gear®  Animato® 
  6. Brass Matters: Maestro® Brass Master®

Coming later

  1. AG Thor’s Hammer 500 Aguilar® Tone Hammer 500® 
  2. AG D750B Aguilar® DB 751® 
  3. Bass 360: Acoustic® 360

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