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Fender Precision (Lyte P/J). MIJ - Lockdown Special & new pics

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2nd bass up.....

Edit: Price drop  £500 a lot of bass for your money... to coin @AndyTravis phrase “all those sounds in just 8lbs” 😂 Some new pics up to showing how nice the colour is  

A rather lovely precision lyte I acquired in a trade last week. As light as it is, I am just not going to use it at the minute and so it has made the sale list.

It is as it came to me and would benefit from some new strings but they are good for now. It’s a black sparkle colour, hard to see in the pics but it’s very nice. It’s made in Japan with an “A” serial number which I believe denotes 85-86, if that’s right (Someone please let me know if that’s different) it’s in great condition! All stock I believe and working as it should do with the p thump and jazz tones, both combined a lovely and warm tone. There’s a small scratch in the lacquer by the jack (see pic), this can’t be seen from the front and a small indent at the 4th fret (see pic) neither detract from how it plays  😃

Comes in a fender padded gig bag.

Cash is king... no trades now as there’s something I really want! 

Collection or meet is preferred, shipping is possible. 










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Any idea of what the weight of these "Lyte" P basses might be?
I don't need one.... I don't need one... I don't need one....
But it's either my shoulder, or a little voice just over my shoulder, telling me I should at least try one of these out someday ;)

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2 minutes ago, bassfan said:

I’ll go weigh it for you Marc.. 

Thanks @bassfan - like I say, I don't "need" another bass atm, but it's good to know such things as your shoulders / back etc get older.....

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9 minutes ago, Stealth said:

UK Shipping ? 

It’s a definite possibility. Drop me a Pm, let me know where you are. 👍🏻

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Up North in a few weeks if anyone between Colchester and Manchester is interested, happy to bring the bass with me 😃

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What the bloody hell is this still doing here?

These are lovely, I’ve played a few in my time - all great. 

There was a point about a year or so ago when everyone was after one...madness.

If I wasn’t in “bought too many basses” jail...I’d have a go.

Paul is a proper gent too - have dealt with him a couple of times now.

All those sounds in just 8lbs ... see? That’s my logic.

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    • By D.Pal
      Up for sale:
      - Fender precision mij neck Re62 - the old finish was removed and refin with a thinner coat of nitrocellulose lacquer.
      - reverse fender american vintage tuners.
      - red alder body in nitrocellulose fiesta red lacquer - light relic (i hope you can see from the pics the nice lacquer checking)
      - lollar 60 pickup.
      - fender american vintage bridge.
      - Montreux aged tortoise pickguard.
      the neck is straight and plays like butter.
      weight: 4kg

    • By sly83
      High-end bass by Philippe Deputte Luthier Artist.
      - Walnut table with inserts in black pear
      - Swamp Ash body 3 parts wavy maple neck
      - Graphite reinforcements and Truss Rod double actions.
      - Speckled maple fingerboard, abalone inlays. Scale 34 '
      - Walnut veneered head, Hipshot Tuners
      - Hipshot bridge 18mm
      - Bone nut.
      - Neck / body connection by step inserts mechanical, optimized vibrations.
      - Maple and ebony railing
      - Very dynamic and precise through B string.
      - BENEDETTI microphones exclusive MIC system (switchables pickups). Contact by copper plates. A Precision, a Jazz and a double Humbucker.
      - John East Uni pre 3 Electronic Preamp with Volume control / Balance stacked pots Parametric medium / boost medium stacked Bass / treble stacked - Switch 2 positions 1 active / passive - Switch for pickups 1 + 2 or 1 + 3
      - 3.45 kgs !! Perfectly balanced.
      Each point of this bass has been designed for optimal ergonomics. Whether the choice of the profile of the handle and its radius, as well as certain details that are important such as the jack plug in the back and the front strap attachment which allows to have a flat strap, which does not pull not on the shoulder.
      Fantastic playing sensations. Very low action. It falls perfectly on the shoulder, no tiredness of play even after a very long gig.
      Supplied with Hiscox case. 
      New strings set La Bella Super Steps 45-128.
      Very versatile modern and vintage sounds 
      Links and follow-up of its creation: https://onlybass.com/topic/87754-projet-duo-lutherie-l3m/
      Price include shipment from France 🇫🇷 to Europe with insurance. 
      1800£ straight sale/ 2200£ Trade value. 
      Quick samples :

    • By dballona
      This is a collectors' article, besides being the best P Bass I have ever owned, without a doubt. This bass is part of the history of an incredible musician, which played with names such as Steve Vai, Neil Zaza, Cyndi Lauper, Little Steven, Tina Turner, Dan Hartman and Billy Joel and even legendary Miles Davis.

      I bought this bass from a New Jersey resident who bought it from the person who did TM's Estate sale. He visited TM's house and shipped this beauty to me in Brazil, where I used to live. Now, after moving to the UK, I am playing less and less, and it makes sense to sell this to a collector/actual player, which will take care of this legacy moving forward.

      Originality-wise, electronics of this bass are entirely original except for one of the pots. The pickguard is broken next to the cable jack, typical for old P basses. The body was obviously stripped and covered with glossy finishing – probably it is not nitro, I'd say it is PU. One thing that dates the stripping is that there's a picture of TM with this bass dating back to early 70s from what it seems... so it's been like that for a while. And a funny fact, when I got the bass, the neckplate was flipped. I left it as TM knows what works better.

      Everything else is clearly original, and I can back up originality after collecting old Fender basses for a few years.

      Included on the sale:
      - Bass;
      - OHSC;
      - Covers (both pickup and bridge);

      I will try to ship some of the memorabilia that was included in the original sale to whoever buys it. I left all of it in Brazil when I moved in as I had no intentions to sell it... if you're interested, leave me a message and I will send you more pictures.

    • By rze99
      Here's a new lockdown svid track, "Sink".
      Pounding Precision (a parts build by me,  played by John) and resonating Rickenbackers (played by me) abound...
      Social distancing and minumum use of loo paper rules were carefully observed.
      Hope you're being creative too...
    • By 6feet7
      Price drop to £850
      An absolutely stunning example with matching headstock Maruszczyk Jake 5+ P/MM that is around 7lbs / 3.2Kg in weight,
      Fitted with passive Delano MC5 HE/M2 and PC5 HE/M2 pickups and comes with a Hiscox hard case.
      New D'Addario nickel rounds fitted but I can include some used DR Sunbeams if you'd prefer.
      18mm string spacing at the bridge
      Bought from the Gallery a few months ago (I've used their photo's as they are better than mine) and had Adrian at Maruszcyk paint the headstock the same colour as the body.
      No trades
      Couriers are still delivering at the moment, so posting isn’t an issue.
      If you've ever wanted a lightweight 5 stringer that weighs so little that a 2 or 3 hour set leaves little to no impression on your ageing shoulders, then this is the bass to have

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