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Marc S

SOLD: Please Close. Oliv G 3/4 String

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Hi, I've got a single Oliv G 3/4 DB string for sale.
I bought it used, from someone on here ages ago.
Never actually got around to using it (or even fitting it) I'd bought it to experiment with, and never got around to trying it out
I'm now settled on D'Addario Zyex strings, and can't see me using this now.

I'm not sure how much use it has had - though I seem to recall the seller informing me that it hadn't had much use


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Hi Marc. I'll gladly take this off your hands. If you'd like to send me a DM and let me know how you'd like your £25, that'd be grand... Thanks 

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    • By Marc S
      I'm going to regret this, but I need to thin the herd, and create some space. I'm going to put a couple more basses up for sale shortly, if they sell, I may withdraw this one.
      This is one of the early runs of the model, and having played a recent one, I can confirm the early ones are the best. All original, apart from an added grounding strip (easily removed).
      This bass sounds and plays superb. At just under 4kg it's light for a jazz. NO TRADES - I'm thinning the herd (unless you have a 5 string Wingbass, or Fingy, or similar).
      I'd much prefer collection or meet-up. We can't do that just yet (unless you're also in Wales) - so I'm just putting this up to see who's interested... Hopefully we can arrange the sale for a couple of weeks time.
      I'd prefer not to post, unless buyer arranges their own courier.

    • By Marc S
      I took this in trade quite some time back, and have only ever taken it to gigs as a backup, or used it for "noodling" on the sofa at home - so it has hardly left the case.
      Don't confuse this bass with the cheaper Ignition series. The HCT series are top quality built (made outside of Germany, but with same tooling + materials as in the German factory).

      This one looks near mint condition - so save yourself a fair few quid on the price of a new one. Set up very nicely, it plays really well, and sounds awesome. It is a really resonant bass, and sounds thunderous. Comes with a hard case, and that's in great nick too. Can't see any fret wear at all. EDIT: From memory, I think I weighed this at just over 3kg - I can check if you're interested.
      As a bonus, I'll throw in a set of brand new Hofner strings... which I never got around to fitting.

      No trades please - I'm thinning the herd (unless you have a Wingbass, or Fingy bass or similar) (5 string pref.)
      I'd prefer collection or meet-up, as soon as we're allowed (I'm not allowed to leave Wales atm). I've got a great battery powered amp, for if & when we're allowed to travel further. Of course, if you're based in Wales, we're OK to meet anyway
      I may consider posting, if the buyer arranges their own courier.

    • By atomiceva
      Purchased the bass a few years ago with the intention of levelling up my playing from beginner and splashed out on an awesome bass. Since then it's been used very few times at home, you can see from the fretboard there's virtually no sign of wear. It's been very well looked after and kept in a hard case. There's only one small surface mark which I've adding in the images -I'm assuming the mark could be polished off. The strings have been replaced approximately 4 months, removing the originals. Essentially it feels and plays like a new bass. 
      £1000 ONO

    • By CalDeep
      Hia dudes! 
      I'm making some demo videos for Newtone Strings and was curious as to what people look for when looking for strings.
      Would you like to hear a mix of styles? Or a specific style for a specific string set? 
      Do you want to hear the strings in context of a mix, or just in their own? Would you like to hear them with a pick and drive as well as clean and fingerstyle? 
      Any feedback or suggestions would be massively appreciated! 
      Stay safe dudes!  
    • By Jorge MS
      US made Fender Highway One P Bass from 2006-2007 in black. Great condition with minor blemishes as shown in the pictures. This has a nitro finish, Badass Bridge and a great neck. Recently restrung with Fender 7250, 45-100. Comes with TGI ABS hardshell case.
      Collection from Sevenoaks, or can arrange pick up from central London.
      £645 ONO

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