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Due to recently buying a Helix, my entire pedalboard is for sale. Prices are not including postage, I can get quotes or you are welcome to collect.

COG EFFECTS Custom made Gray fuzz (£160) - Bought from woodyratm on here who had the pedal built for himself by COG. A Tarkin and TK-421 in one unit with the option to switch either/both/blend the two and also an option for a clean blend. Huge variety of tones, a superb pedal and a must for any Metal Gear Solid fans ;) https://www.cogeffects.co.uk/gray-fuzz.php

Korg Pitchblack tuner SOLD

T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon Power supply SOLD

Boss LS-2 SOLD

EBS Multicomp SOLD

Orange Two Stroke boost SOLD

T Rex Tonetrunk pedalboard and case SOLD











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15 hours ago, 28mistertee said:

Just quickly measured outside case before I pop out for a Christmas pint. Roughly 580x380mm 👍

Damn, a little too big for my needs. Thanks for your response and Merry Christmas!

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