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SOLD - EB Musicman Stingray 4H 3EQ with G&G case - Natural/Maple - £900 or p/ex for Status 4
South Yorkshire

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Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray 3EQ


I’m set on getting myself a Status (again) so I need to make room.

I took this bass in a trade a couple of months back and although it is a stunning example of the breed, my Special can look after any future Stingray needs so last in first out.

Original ad here: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/359492-mm-stingray-ashflamed-maple-traded/?tab=comments#comment-3858282

It really is in beautiful condition and as someone who has had around a dozen or so Stingrays, this has one of the best necks/maple boards of any of them. As @desmondpot described it to me, it has that ‘spongy’ feel to it. Not at all harsh but lovely and smooth. Unlike many of the later unfinished necks this one has a beautiful satin sheen to it and some stunning markings in the maple both front and back.

  • Manufactured Oct 1999
  • Natural gloss
  • Maple neck
  • Maple fretboard
  • Matt black pickguard
  • 3 EQ preamp
  • Chrome hardware
  • 43mm nut
  • Weight approx. 9.5lbs
  • Original G&G hard case (no keys)

Collection preferred but would be willing to ship at buyers expense and to their insurance requirements.

The only trade I may be interested in would be a Status 4 string plus cash your way (I have a wanted ad up at the moment so it would need to meet that spec: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/388760-status-4-headed-s2s3cw-please-read-required-spec/).

New photographs to follow tomorrow (if the sun decides to come out). In the meantime here are the pics from the original ad.

New pics added

EDIT - The photos seem a little unflattering with the string shadows on the fretboard, but please be assured it does have a lovely low action! 😂
















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Stunning Stingray!

I'm still looking for a 2 eq that weighs under 9lbs sadly.

This should fly right away, it's gorgeous.


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Now sold. Thanks for all the interest.

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      Trans Red
      Great Looking and sounding bass
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      Collection preferred from Dorking, Surrey.
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      2020 Musicman Stingray Special, 2 humguckers and 5 way coil toggle switch, roasted maple neck and board, Charcoal Sparkle finish, 9.5lbs,  comes with case, immaculate condition, sale only, no trades please,  NOW SOLD

    • By mcnach
      Not exactly NBD since I had it for a couple of weeks now or so.
      This is the black satin 'stealth' finish. They seemed to be on the light weight side, and mine didn't disappoint at 8.6 lbs. 
      The set up was poor to start, far too much relief and very high saddles, but a few minutes spent reducing the neck curvature and adjusting the saddles brought it to a very comfortable action. The nut slots are well contoured but a bit too high, which makes me think that somebody tried to adjust the action by playing with the truss rod and saddles, failing, and then going the other way... I haven't adjusted the nut yet because it plays well enough already, but I'll have to do that to make the top positions a bit more comfy to play.
      I really like it. The neck is wider than a SR5 (so the G string doesn't fall off!  ) but not excessively chunky. I find it quite comfortable. Not as nice as the Lakland 5502, but still very comfortable. The narrower string spacing (compared to my 4 strings) and the additional string means I was a little clumsy to start, but I've been playing this bass exclussively since I got it and I'm getting there now.
      In fact, I'm starting to really like this 5 string thing.
      I owned 5 string basses before but I never really got along with any. The closest ones were the Lakland 5502 and the old made in USA EBMM SUB 5. The Lakland had the wider string spacing that I prefer, but I didn't get the Stingray-like sound I prefer. The SUB5 had the sound, but I felt the neck was a bit too narrow and it was a very heavy bass. A Squier Jazz V came and went too, and over the years so did a Peavey Millenium, a Washburn Bantam (that one was pretty good too), a Crafter something or another, a G&L L2500, and maybe something else too. Nothing really stuck. And here comes the Harley Benton. I didn't need a new bass, certainly not a 5-string (by now I had accepted 5 strings are not for me and I no longer wanted to own one)... but these satin black ones looked so good, were so cheap, and the reviews were so positive... that it tempted me. Before I pressed the button, my girlfriend went and ordered one for me, just before they sold out in November.
      If I had to give it a one word review it would be 'wow'.
      This is a very decent bass, regardless of price, but when you consider the price... yeah, wow.
      It has that Stingray vibe and the passive electronics are just fine. Sure, not as versatile as having an onboard preamp, but I actually love passive tone controls, so I'm happy with it as it is.
      For some reason this bass feels and sounds nicer than any of my previous 5 string basses, and because of that playing it exclusively for the past 2 weeks was not a chore. Yeah, it was frustrating at first, but as I adjust to the different layout it becomes more fun... and I feel like something clicked. I'm enjoying immensely how I can move across strings and reduce the movement up/down the neck that way. I don't use the additional lower notes that much, but I use a lot of the notes I would often play on the E string on the B string now, just moving across with fewer jumps to different hand positions on the neck which also means I look at the neck a lot less. And having the option to play those notes between the low E and A on the E string for more definition or on the B string for additional girth is really useful too.
      This may be the bass that makes me finally 'get' 5 string basses. How much does it cost? Crazy. I would have paid quite a bit more for a bass that I can enjoy as much as this one.

       The pickguard will be replaced 'though. Not a fan of tortoiseshell, I think it's screaming for a black one.

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