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Sale or Trade Maruszczyk Jazz Fretless 4 - GBP850
Porto, Portugal

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I will trade this bass, plus one or more of the others I have for sale here, for a more valuable bass you might have. I would trade 2, 3 or 4 basses for one. Yes, I am looking for THE ONE for years. I just don't know what it is. 4 strings only. 

The others:

Warwick Masterbuilt Starbass II Bubinga.

Ibanez SRH505.

Sandberg California Supreme VM4. 



For sale my Maruszczyk Jazz Fretless. 


Beautiful instrument, lots of muah.

It's lined, but the lines are black. 


As I said in other sale thread, I want to sell almost all of my basses and start again. Wnat to try different basses. Maybe buy another upright. 



Full specs:


Base Price € 990.00
Type: Righthand  
Number of Strings: 4-String  
Scale Length: Long Scale 34"  
Number of Frets: 24 Frets  
Body Wood: Alder  
Top Wood: Ash € 20.00
Back Veneer: Ash € 20.00
Color Type: Transparent € 30.00
Transparent: 3 Tone Sunburst  
Body Finish: Nitro € 50.00
Pickguard: Without Pickguard  
Neck Wood: Birdseye Maple € 60.00
Neck Color: Tinted Vintage € 10.00
Neck Finish: Nitro € 30.00
Nut Width: 38mm  
Fingerboard Wood: East Indian Rosewood € 20.00
Fretted / Fretless: Fretless  
Side Dots: Side Dots  
Fret Lines: Side Lines  
Fingerboard Inlays: Without Inlay  
Fingerboard Binding: Without Binding  
Fingerboard Radius: 12''  
Headstock Type: Birdseye Maple (Tinted Vintage)  
Headstock Finish: Nitro € 20.00
Headstock Logo: Black 'M'  
Nut: Black  
Manufacturer: Nordstrand  
Neck Pickup: Norstrand BJB4 'Warm & Woolly' € 40.00
Bridge Pickup: Norstrand BJB4 'Warm & Woolly' € 40.00
Electronics Type: Passive  
Passive: volume, volume, tone  
Hardware Color: Black  
Bridge Spacing: 19mm  
Bridge Type: Standard  
Knobs Type: F-Style  
Tuner Type: Hipshot Ultralite Clover-Style 1/2 € 100.00
Pickup Cover: Without Pickup Cover  
Security Locks: Schaller Security Locks € 30.00
String Type: Nickel  
Nickel Strings: M4DN  
Gigbag/Suitcase: Nylon Gigbags  
Nylon Gigbags: Standard GBBS

€ 90.00

















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I love this bass, such a clean take on a fretless Jazz

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22 minutes ago, Isabass said:

What's about the weight?

HI, I don't know, but it's the lightest instrument I have, that's for sure. Lighter than my American AVRI Fender, for example. 


Right now, the bass is with my Luthier, for a full setup. I will check the weight when it returns. 

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