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SOLD - £80 - PJB Ear Box plus 20ft speakon cable
Watton at Stone, Hertfordshire

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Hi everyone

This is a great monitor for small/mid gigs where you are struggling to hear yourself on a cramped stage.

It picks up the mid range and top end from your amp and really helps to hear things much more clearly which can be difficult when you are stood right next to your amp/cab.

This is ideal for mid to low volume gigs. I don't think it would be ideal for loud rock gigs.

I can include a long speakon cable with it. The cable is inserted under the Ear Box which needs to be screwed/mounted on to a mic stand.

I have the original packaging and can do shipping and also welcome you to try it out.








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I have one. A really good small 'near your ear' monitor to be mounted on a mic stand with the cable on the underside as well. good luck for a good deal with that 20' cable.

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17 hours ago, mybass said:

I have one. A really good small 'near your ear' monitor to be mounted on a mic stand with the cable on the underside as well. good luck for a good deal with that 20' cable.

Thanks. Yes, it helps to have a long speakon in case you need to place it further away from the amp.

All the best,


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