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Blind Lemon

Antoria jazz bass. Trying to trace history. Input/feedback & any info appreciated.

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It did have the veneer but it was really 'average' possibly as it was to be painted over.  We did think the blocks were mahogany bu it was a best guess really.  On the upside doing this did lighten the weight of the bass somewhat heresy or not.

No idea what I was thinking with blocks and stack knobs though.


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@bassassin thanks for the link. Didn't really anticipate finding a scratch plate but you never know.

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3 hours ago, ead said:

No idea what I was thinking with blocks and stack knobs though.

I know, it's a nightmare... :D


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    • By foya
      Great shape and sound
      feels like to play a good squier JV precision.. 
      original from ‘80 made in Japan
      alder body, maple neck and rosewood fingerboard.
      stock electronics and other parts
      i can ship everywhere.
      bass located in Italy 
    • By johnpaulbass
      PRICE DROP to 600 gbp
      Selling this wonderful Greco from the lawsuit era. A bass that I’m interested in showed up so this will need to go.
      The 800 are quite rare, the 500 series are easier to find.
      The bass is, as per serial number, from 1979.

      Great punchy sound, the neck is slightly slimmer then a “true Fender from that era”. I’ve compared it with a 79 fender P and didn’t notice any difference sound wise.
      I’m adding also a custom (and slightly relic’ed) black pickguard along with it’s original.
      Weight: 4.2kg
      No exchanges
      Shipping at buyer’s costs.
      Thank you.

    • By DaytonaRik
      For sale is my vintage lawsuit era Tokai Hardpuncher in black with maple fingerboard.  Serial no is 1013717 and the Spaghetti lawsuit Tokai logo dates the instrument as pre '82.  There are some marks to the polyester finished body in the usual places but nothing excessive and there is plenty of character and 'mojo' going on, along with the natural aging of pick guard screws etc.  A previous owner replace the the tuners with reverse tuners and in doing so put a crack in the headstock at E tuner - see photos - I can assure you that this is no way affects the playability or tuning and has remained completely stable during my ownership. I have returned the tuners to the originals and will also include the reverse tuners
      I replaced the original black pick guard with a mirror plate to match my now departed Limelight, and took the opportunity to fit new CTS pots, switch craft jack and a Mullard 0.015uf 'tropical fish' cap fitted.  Rest assured the original plate is included, complete with the original pots/wiring although a previous owner has foolishly super-glued the control knobs to the shafts!
      I've owned the bass since 2014 having purchased it from Tobiewharton of this esteemed forum, and the Tokai has been my spare bass for the duration, only being gigged on a handful of occasions during my ownership.  It's weight is a healthy 4.1kg and the nut width is 42mm, and it comes in a used but serviceable Thomas hard case.  The action is low and light and it has that essential P-bass thump.
      Open to trades of a Thunderbird nature - Epiphone Classic IV Pro with cash adjustment or Vintage Pro

    • By Barron
      I'm new to this forum. I've recently acquired a 1972 Antoria EB-3. I love it. however it looks like one of my kids knocked it over and broke a piece of one of the machine heads. Does anyone know how to get a hold of a replacement parts for these basses. As I will probably never shift this bass and I am not concerned about original parts, I would like to have a like for like replacement. If you know the bass it has a Vintage style slotted head stock with machine heads that stick out back from the head stock rather than out the side. Any help would be appreciated.
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