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Voodoo Lab, DarkGlass clone, TC Electronic, Sansamp, Big Muff and Pedalboard for cheap

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Due to moving to the HX Stomp i am selling all the pedals i don't need :)


Voodoo Lab pedal power 2 -  not selling any more

Donner noise killer - £20(literally used once, does the job perfectly without colouring the sound, comes boxed) sold

Darkglass b3k 1st gen clone - £100(this was a custom made pedal a friend of mine did, i tested it side by side with a real B3K and there was no difference in sound, only difference on mine is that it really is a clone, so the + and - are the other way around, don't really want to sell this, so i'm pretty firm on the asking price)

Tourtech pedalboard 535 x 320 x 83mm - £25 £20(this is 35 quid at PMT, it is used, and the fabric it had inside came off, common fault with these, i think i still have the keys for it too, otherwise does the job perfectly, and the stickers can be taken off without leaving any marks)

TC Electronic Spectracomp - £50 £45 (we all know what this is and does, it's a great piece of kit)

Big Muff Pi Germanium 4 - £50 £45(this is a guitar pedal but works really really well adding some filth to your sound, it is used but built like a tank and fully functional)

Sansamp Programmable Bass DI - £125 £120(very well known piece of kit, i built my whole pedalboard around this) 

Little Bear BS1 Woolly Mammoth clone - £25 £20(very well known chinese clone, fully functional, barely used as i have active basses and this is mainly for passive basses) sold

You can find individual photos here


Pickup from South East London, or Central London or i can post at buyers expense(with the exception of the pedalboard most pedals should be around £5 to post i reckon, but i would recommend checking yourself)





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    • By maidens97
      Source audio aftershock TRADED
      little bear BS1 £20
      open to trades for other Bass fuzzes/distortions 

    • By CalDeep
      Hey. Up is my pedal train PT1 with hard case and a Mission Expressionator. 

      The expressionator is a really nice tool for anyone wanting control of a few different pedals. You can turn any volume or expression pedal into an 3 expression or CV inputs that are individually switchable and adjustable. You can also change the sweep of the pedal to output expression or CV data in different ways, ie heel to toe on the expression pedal actually comes out as toe to heel. 

      PT1 is in used but good condition and the expressionator is virtually unused from when I bought it. 

      £100 each. 

    • By Bass Wielder
      Bought a couple of months ago...got too busy to really get into it ....decided to stick with my few separate pedals.
      My opinion: does a lot...really good..too much for me...keeps up with the modern times with the bluetooth capability, sound, set-up, Boss build quality etc....Great tool for the bass player who wants it all in one package as it has a built in pedal, various bass amps and all the Boss effects.
      Comes with original box, manuals, power supply and great quality gig bag.
      Taking a 'rental knock' so treating it like an ex-display one in the price..plus the added gig bag. Grab yerself a bargain!
      Collection from Aylesbury preferred but can ship if buyer arranges the courier.

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      Here is My Full Live Bass Rig What I have for Sale; 
      Warwick LWA 1000 (Warwick Gigbag + speakON to 1/4 Jack) SOLD Gallien Krueger 410 MBE-II Bass Cab  Thon Rack 5U Eco 40 flightcase SOLD  Thon Rack Tray 2U 35cm Pedal Draw Korg Pitchblack Pro Rackmount Tuner (Korg PSU) Darkglass B7K Bass Preamp Pedal SOLD Darkglass Super Symmetry SOLD Boss NS2 Noise Suppressor (With Box) Planet Wave Patch Cables  
      If you need any Information regarding it, Then feel free to Throw me a Message.

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      Up for sale is a collection of mostly synth pedals but with a few others also. 
      Would like to sell as a group but will consider offers on individual pedals. 
      Up first is the monster pedal/synth that can be used in many ways and can control other instruments with CV etc the Sonicsmith Squaver p1+ This single oscillator, 3 voice monophonic audio controlled synth (ACS), the Squaver P1+ is the closest you can get between the performer’s instrument/voice to analog synths sound. The + version expands what the former Squaver P1 started but gives it a variable gate, wider sweep PWM and a smoother ENV. Boxed 
      Malekko downer is and Octavia synth beast that goes from sweet controllable octave sounds to pure dirty chaos. Not boxed 
      Zvex mastotron again synth octave goodness that can get very very heavy. Not boxed 
      Earthquaker Devices Tenticle is a really simple octave up with a synthy edge  just plug in and go. Not boxed 
      Earthquaker Devices Afterneath a strange otherworldly reverb pedal boxed and bagged. 
      And finally an old DOD compression pedal in great condition a classic comes with it's old slightly worn box. 
      Any questions feel free to ask £650posted 

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