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Craig Robinson

**,SOLD ** Yamaha TRB4 MK1

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Hi All 

Selling my Yammy TRB4 MK1.  I am pretty crap at models,eras, MK1/MK2 and so on 🤔 so please feel free to correct me should I be just plain wrong!? 

Now that's out of the way.....

I feel the pics capture the bass really well. It is in, I would  say 8/10 condition wise but that is subjective. It is a truly great Japanese bass with some clever tweaks available under the control plate. The stacked j pickups are very strong and punchy regardless of what tones you want to dial in. VOL/BLEND/BASS/3 WAY SELECTABLE MIDS/TREBLE configuration, mids adjustable further with trim pots. One piece Ash I think weighing in at just shy of 9lbs nice unobtrusive weight. Also a slap cut for those inclined to such trickery. 

A few small dings as shown in pics but kept in its original Burgundy Yamaha branded hard case from new. Beautiful player! 

Any questions fire away 















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Nice. I'm no expert either but I think this is the original version. 4s were/are quite rare and, from what I remember, a killer slap bass. 

If you like that sort of thing of course.... 


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What a beauty! Yeah defo a mkI.  The IIs have soapbar pups where as all the Is had jazz pups. 

This is probably the first 4 string I've seen for sale from the original series.

Top quality Japanese craftsmanship and killer tones. I had a 4 and a 5 string II and loved both 

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