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I have been working more on my fretless bass playing lately. 

This is the tune for ‘I Still Believe I Hear’ by Marcus Miller. I managed to get the section before Marcus comes in, to practice playing along with the cello. 

For me, the cello and fretless bass in general compliment each other beautifully. 

PDF available in the video description on YouTube.  There is a Tab version too.

If you want to develop your fretless playing, I have a video lesson with three fretless techniques that will help you. That is also on my Greg’s Bass Shed YouTube channel. 

What tracks do you enjoy playing along to with your fretless?



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    • By greghagger
      If you are unsure about what to look for when buying a new bass, or want to know that you are buying a bass that is right for you, then don’t miss this video. 
      Don’t waste money and time buying instruments on a whim only to find you don’t like them.
      In the video I show you what to inspect on the instrument if buying secondhand and also give you ideas of types of basses you might want to consider. 
      There is a free downloadable pdf checklist with a list of popular basses in the video description on YouTube. 
      If you have anything to add to to Checklist that might help then leave a comment below. Of share your favourite choice of bass. 
    • By James Coulter
      I am selling my Fender Marcus Miller Signature Jazz bass which is in very good condition and will come with a good quality hard case.
      This bass was built in Japan in 2006 / 2008 with all the quality of build and finish the Japanese plant is renowned for.
      It has been upgraded with a John East Marcus Miller active preamp which cost £210 and gives a far wider range of tones than the standard Fender preamp (most people invest in this preamp).
      The controls are Master volume, Pickup pan control, stacked Bass and Treble, Stacked Mid frequency control and mid level and finally the last rotary control pulls out to select Passive mode and then acts as a passive tone control which is very handy to either select passive mode when required or getting out of trouble if the 9v battery dies suddenly.  
      The small toggle switch give the option of full pickup panning sweep control or a 50/50 equal pickup balance.
      It looks incredible in the natural finish with the all maple neck and fretboard with the neck having the 70's style edge binding and the large position markers, the fret wear is very minimal for a bass of this age.
      These basses are no longer made and are becoming rare so are becoming sought after and will hold their value if not increase over time. Weight is 4.5kg which is light for one of these. I recently got the cavity shielded with copper, set up with low action 2mm at the 12th fret with new strings. Also comes with the pickup cover though it isn’t in the photos. Price is £900 plus shipping. Sorry but no trades.

    • By Sumatra
      Up for sale is this Oly white V4 Jazz from the good Mike.
      Everything as spec'd by Mike: alder body in Oly white finish, slim reinforced maple neck with lined ebony board (original from manufacture, not modified afterwards) and matching headstock, Lindy Fralin Vintage single coil PUs.
      It was originally wired vol, vol, tone, but I felt more comfortable with vol, balance, tone.
      White pearloid pickguard is the original but I'll sell it with the additional mighty Mike tortoise one seen in the pics.
      Will be equipped with the original ultralite hipshot, the lollipop ones were bought after for the look.
      Definitely light, haven't weighted it yet but must certainly be nicely below 4kg, and very well balanced.
      The bass sound great and is in immaculate condition, couldn't find scratches or ding even under angled light.
      Original hardcase (special edition for this bass, as I was told from the local Lull dealer) is included.
      Can post it if needed, bass is located in Italy (Salsomaggiore is near Parma).
      Any question I'm here.
      Not specifically looking for trades and I would consider trade value slightly higher probably, but if you have something to propose go ahead, in the worst case I'll gently decline.
      And now the porn part of the discussion:

    • By mrbassman_de
      Selling my wonderful F Bass BNF5 Fretless. Compared with the AC5 this model has no chambered body but a second magnetic pickup. This BNF5 has the Ebony bridge which in my ears has a better support for an organic fretless sound than its metal sister.

      Ash body, high gloss
      Maple Neck with Ebony Board, no lines
      F Bass Pickups with Matching wooden covers
      F Bass Electronic (V/V/T and 3-Bd. EQ, Passive Mode and Coil-Tap)
      34,5“ Scale
      19mm Spacing
      Ebony Bridge
      F Bass Gigbag

      Everything in top condition with the following exceptions: on the lower body side there is a 1cm ding (look at the pics) and the electronics cover has some wear from unprofessional opening. 

      The bass is strung with LaBella Black Nylon Flats, providing a wonderful singing tone.


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