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Moon JJ Bass 4 SOLD


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Hello All,

This really is an initial feeler.

I picked up this wonderful Moon JJ 4 from the Bass Gallery in Camden in August this year and I’m only considering trading/ selling it due to financial reasons.


its an incredibly lovely sounding bass guitar however it is pretty heavy. It was set up with flats upon purchasing and they are now worn in nicely.

in truth I don’t know too much about it, when purchasing it the guys at the Gallery believed it was old (80’s) however not too much more info than that.

I am interested in trading for a lower value Jazz Bass (4 strings only please) and cash my way. Interested to hear offers and happy to answer questions!













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I can say quietly that those pills you ride are original I have had several Moons that have the same ones for low passives. It's bad not knowing what their name is. A bass demolition in sound without a doubt and beautiful but very heavy to play long sessions. It's from the early '80s. Victor Baley was wearing one and so was Larry Graham. Luck with the sale I love the Moons 

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22 hours ago, bubinga5 said:

I very much doubt they the original Moon pickups. I could be totally wrong. 😆I thought they used Barts in the 80s Moon Jazz basses. Why would they route them like that unless the casings are missing.Lovely bass though.

they're original. I've sold many Moon's like that over the years through my store. 

that bass is very very early 80's.

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On 07/11/2019 at 08:49, StormyLukeJ said:

 the guys at the Gallery believed it was old (80’s) however not too much more info than that

... you might find something in the neck-pocket and/or back of the neck (no idea what the kanji states):-

re. the pickups - my moon bass has std. J size with the 'moonX' logo on the covers:-





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I have a Anaconda CXE4 I would trade: RRP £2499

It has:

Swamp Ash body

5A Flame Maple top

5 piece rock Maple neck, Wenge stringers

Special select Wenge fingerboard

Bartolini BC4CBC


Hipshot Hardware



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