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Spector Euro LX

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Amazing Spector Euro LX for sale. Has had a genuine Hazlabs preamp installed which can only be found within US made basses. This is a quality bass I would say easily comparable to a US made Spector. Comes with a Spector gig bag in excellent condition. I would prefer a collection only sale please and not after an trades at this time unless you have a Yamaha Attitude bass to trade.


Many Thanks for looking. 








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I'll take it!

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Hi just to let folks know that I can only sell this as collection only. I just dont have the time sort out delivery unfortunately. 



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    • By Hooch
      I'm selling my Freedom Retrospective series Pbass. These are japanese high-end basses, handmade on request by Freedom Custom Guitar Research – Pino's Rhino builder. They're made with the best materials money can buy. The standard Retrospective Series PBass costs more than €4000, shipped to your door direct from a Japanese store.
      This one would be more expensive: it's a custom-order, hence the full-lacquer Shoreline Gold body - Standard ones are poly-coated -, the active preamp on top of a full-passive layout, and the Honduras rosewood fingerboard, while they normally use Indian one. Here you got a jazz fiver, with standard specs: https://www.digimart.net/cat03/shop169/DS05910935/#
      The bass is a 34-scale P fiver, with an extent on the B string. Overall good condition, with some crazes & checking in the Shoreline gold nitro layers. The neck is perfectly straight, low action without fretbuzz, vintage-thin frets remaining intact. Gorgeous fingerboard, comfy C shape, and a joy to play. B string is resonant and defined, the extended scale tightening its tone.
      Very light Fender-shaped fiver, hence its alder body: 9.1lbs / 4kg.
      As for the electronics, the split pickup is quite unusual. I've never seen such a pickup before, with 4 polepieces on the A string. Pickup-height setting is unusual, but once you've found the sweet spot it just shines.
      P tones for days, just as good as my 4-string vintage Ps, with this wonderful passive tone. Freedom nailed it, much better than the Xotic XP fiver i formerly had. Pull the tone pot and you get a modern twist to the beast, with a Freedom CGR made 2 band EQ. You got many useful tones there, including a killer slap tone. Amazing bass, which is not played as much as it deserves - i only play 4-string basses with my buddies.
      Comes with a Yamaha hard-case in good working condition. Freshly strung with 45-130 Rotosound.
      (was) €1550 / £1280 shipped to your door in European countries. Now €1400 / ~ £1180
      There you got feedback about me : 

    • By Slappindabass
      Up for sale is my Ashdown rig. Only used in reheasals so good condition. Maybe the odd scuff from loading. Nice and light. See datails here.
      Here is a picture with the 210
      Located in Kent ME9

    • By Slappindabass
      Here for sale Is my Greco vintage P Bass,  It was imported by me as a bit of a project. It palys superd with a really low action and strung with cobalt flats(V expensive). It has a few age related marks on it as would be expected but minimal fret wear. It has been fitted with Gotoh pre aged tuners, v mod pickups and a modern wiring loom. The nut is 40/41 mm and weight is 3.69 KG.
      Postage and packing is £20.00

    • By fiatcoupe432
      Hi Guys, i tought i woudnt this for a while but im offering this wonderful and unique vigier for sale as i need some money for funding a new car and a cheaper bass . 
      I bought this off Ped back in October and i've paid £850 from Ped and i had to do a significant drive to pick it up 
      i took it to a have a little setup and i had the nut changed . 
      Also the bridge was sized and coundn traise the action or set it up so thats now been done too .
      cleaned the fretboard too for a total job of £100
      There is a new set of strings and it comes whit a really crappy hardcase that does the job . 
      this is one of the best sounding fretless that i ever played ......
      ivwill try record something 
      ill upload some photos later on .
      im gonna use ped photos as they were really really good and is more talented as photographer 

    • By Fitzy73
      A rare Japanese fernandes Limited Edition P Bass. It's in reasonable condition for an mid eighties bass . It has narrow neck with 7.25 radius and  42 mm at the nut. The truss rod works both ways and the hardware is in good working order. The pickups are good and sound great . The frets are levelled and recrowned.   Comes with a gigbag
      450 posted

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