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Marc S

SOLD: Thomastik Spirocore Weich set

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I bought this set of 3/4 Thomastik Spirocore Weich's on here, quite some time back - they were described at the time, as only having had light use.
I never got around to fitting them to a bass, which I then I sold.... I kept them as a "just in case" set, however, I've recently discovered that I like D'Addario "Zyex" DB strings

So as per title, I'm looking to swap these Weichs for a set of the Zyex strings - to fit on my EUB
Anyone fancy a trade?

(Photo later, if you need it)

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      Hi all
      Here my Roscoe LG3000 in perfect condition 
      Trade with a Yamaha BBNE2 
      24frets (perfect condition)
      Pickups Bartolini Custom
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      FS/FT: Phil Jones DoubleFour, just a couple of months old, including original packaging and manual. => 350Euro + shipping ( PRICE in £ INCLUDES SHIPPING!)
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      Helloo from Croatia 
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      Case included. 

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      May px trade. Decided to go back  to a stack and keep well away from being the PA guy. Will trade - Orange, Ampeg cabs and heads. Try me with anything though. You never know.
      As above. In tip top condition. Around 2 years old and only used lightly around 12 times. I'm sure it needs no introductions on here. I believe they are now discontinued. So, will become a rare commodity. I won't shift on the price.
      Great as FRFR's and also PA cabs, monitors etc. Truly versatile cabs.
      Willing to post (as I have the original packaging) at buyers cost and risk or meet up within reason. I'd rather it was picked up from my home though so the buyer is 100% satisfied with it. Cash, bank transfer but no PayPal please.


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      Near mint with only 2 small marks to be found, also comes with its Spector fitted Hardcase.

      Looking to trade for: 5 strings!!! Musicman (maple fretboard), Warwick, Mayones.. and anything 5 string. TRY ME!

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