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1979 Fender Musicmaster Bass - Price Drop

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Price drop to £650

Here's a 1979 Fender Musicmaster which I've had for the past few months. I bought it as a project because I wanted to try out a short scale bass but have decided I prefer by P bass. 

All the information is to the best of my knowledge but if anything is obviously wrong please let me know.

The bass has clearly had work done so I'll list everything I can.

Finish on both the neck and body - The neck is waxed with only the headstock face retaining the original finish. Unfortunately there are some drips from when a previous owner brushed the entire back of the neck with amber poly. I stripped the back of the neck myself and applied the wax finish which feels very nice to play. The body was also stripped and brushed with amber poly before I bought it. I have tried to smooth this off and give a satin/matte finish. It looks okay from a distance but up close it's obviously not a professional job. The control knobs and pickup cover had also been sprayed navy blue, however I managed to clean both so there are no traced of the blue paint.

The pickguard and pick guard screws - A previous owner had cut the pick guard down to a small control plate so I had Jon Shuker make a new one based of a template from another BC's '78 Musicmaster. I still have the small control plate portion of the original pick guard.

The screw on the E string tuner gear - This was missing when I bought the bass, and a new Schaller had to be dismantled for this. I dismantled and cleaned all the tuners as it was struggling to hold tune when I bought the bass - this is not a problem now.





I believe everything else is original including the electronics and hardware. After I finished working on the bass it was taken to Jon Shuker for a fret level and set up. One bridge adjustment screw had been superglued in place, however I believe Jon managed to sort this and adjust the saddle height accordingly. The bass is currently strung with Dunlop Rounds. 

I think that covers everything however if I can think of anything else I'll update the advert. Don't hesitate to ask any questions.

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