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Marky Screen

*SOLD* Pigtronix Philosophers Bass Micro Optical compressor £80 inc.uk postage

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Really nice micro size opto-comp with clean blend and blendable overdrive circuit. Has insane amounts of sustain and compression if you need it but also does less obtrusive compression as well.

I found this review, and generally all this guys compression testing thread absolutely spot on with my experience and settings of the pedal:


Excellent condition with box and bits.

Price includes UK postage



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    • By 3Gorillas
      I am selling a JAM Pedals Dyna-ssoR Compressor-Pedal.
      These boutique pedals are handmade in Greece, excellent craftmanship and REALLY cool artwork. I have ordered this pedal directly from JAM Pedals while I was testing out different compressors like crazy (had almost everything on the market…FEA Labs, Aguilar and LEHLE RMI).
      Ended up using a FEA Labs and this one, finally decided to go for the FEA Labs.

      However, this pedal was just used at home, only a few hours total. No gigs, rehearsals, no smokers came even close… ;-).
      Comes with original packaging.

      Some more specs

      New 190,- Euros

      Asking for 120,- + shipping

    • By Ted Theodore Logan, III
      I'm hereby calling forth the vast army of opinionated BC know-it-alls from beneath the rocks of which they reside, in the hope that they might be so kind as to share their valued thoughts, impressions and experiences in relation to any and all compression effects units or pedals that they may have used, owned or trialed whilst active in the line of duty and holding the flag for the Low End ...
      Coming from a long line of Royal ancestry, I have grown accustomed to a certain degree of exclusivity when it comes to Bass Guitar paraphernalia and as a result I have mainly dabbled with higher end compression units and effects pedals. 
      However, in a moment of sporadic whimsy I pondered the notion of acquiring a “affordable" compression unit so that I might experience that which the lower classes do and in a figure of speech, “rub-shoulders" with the common man...

      Basically, I'm in the market for a cheap-o compression pedal... 
      Preferably low noise, battery/mains (whatever)...
      I'd possibly.... even .... consider ...    Behringer!... 
      Mainly looking for a pedal that'll even out tone during regular finger style playing however a bit of versatility such as attack and compression ratio in the pedal wouldn't go amiss (ya' know, for when when I wanna p*ss off the singer with some heavy popping and slapping!!)
      Any and all views welcomed, appreciated and certainly considered...
      Thank you for your time 
    • By Stofferson
      Cleaning myself out due to a bad bout of GAS!
      For sale (pics for reference whilst at work, will post up appropriate pics tonight)
      Xotic BB Bass Preamp, Excellent condition, no dinks etc (velcro on bottom) i think i have the box i'll double check  - £90
      all prices include postage to mainland UK.

    • By LearningLuke
      Hi all!
      I'm selling my tc electronic SpectraComp. I've only had it for under a month and I really love it. For anyone who wants a no hassle means of cutting through the mix or adding some dynamic control/accentuation to their playing, this really is a good tool. The minute I plugged in and heard what the difference was i was hooked. It's seriously a clever pedal, and tc is doing some very interesting work at the mo.
      I'm only selling it because I bought a SpectraDrive to do recording with my band and it has the comp built in! So, this really is a good-as-new resell for £20 less than you'll find it elsewhere.
      Barely used, boxed, never been gigged, good to go.

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