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SOLD -- SansAmp bass driver DI

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SansAmp bass driver DI in great condition, original box and manual, price includes delivery in UK


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    • By Slug Ice
      Tech 21 SH1 Steve Harris Sansamp - £300
      Brand new with box, minimal home use. Two channel preamp with built-in tuner. Very versatile but maiden fans would be very pleased! Save a decent chunk on a new one. 
      Darkglass Alpha Omega - £230
      Versatile overdrive/distortion with the ability to blend between two different voices. With original box. 
      Can deliver or meet up within a reasonable distance or arrange postage at buyers expense. 

    • By loremil
      [PRICE REDUCED TO £140]
      Selling this great GRBass PureDrive pedal as  it is superfluous to my needs.
      A great piece of kit, this pedal functions as a preamp, a distortion pedal, a DI, and a tuner as well! Completely made in Italy, this comes with a 5 year warranty as well.
      Collection in London or can ship at buyer's expense, no trades please.
      Here is the official description from the GRBass website:
      The Pure Drive is a decidedly versatile Preamp designed for the most demanding bass players but suitable for everyone thanks to its ease of use that allows you to always have all the characteristics of the GR sound in ultra-compact size.
      The Pure Drive is equipped with a 4 band eq with 4 selectable frequencies on the mids and deep and bright filters.
      Furthermore, it is completed by an "Overdrive" section which, with its volume and dedicated drives, will allow you to obtain light saturations up to massive distortions.
      The Pure Drive is also a professional tuner with display and a D.I.
      All the components are carefully selected to offer a top product. It is completely made in Italy and is designed and built by a bassist for bass players.

    • By cetera
      If you're looking - you already know how fantastic this preamp is! The preferred choice for many years of Geddy Lee among others.... a truly versatile preamp for all situations.
      Nowhere seems to have these in stock in the UK at the moment so this is quite rare. RRP is £350 but I'm offering mine up (excellent condition/boxed) for just £240 posted. Only real marks are some slight discolouration on the back panel.
      The Tech 21 SansAmp RPM is a versatile instrument 1u rack pre-amp with parametric equalization and SansAmp technology. This single space rackmount model was adapted from our SansAmp Acoustic DI pedal, with the addition of a Drive control, and redesigned as an expanded multi-instrument tool. With a sweepable, semi-parametric EQ and variable gain, the SansAmp RPM is a supercharged tone shaper for any signal source. Partner it with a SansAmp RBI for the ultimate bass pre-amp system (see my other thread for a RBI for sale), or with a SansAmp PSA for total domination.
      Drive adjusts the overall amount of gain and overdrive. Active Bass and Treble controls cut or boost ±12dB Mid is also an active tone control, cut or boost ±12dB. Mid Shift allows you to pinpoint your preferred Mid Freq to cut/boost Blend allows you to mix the direct instrument signal with SansAmp Tube Amplifier Emulation circuitry. Individual Level control for the XLR out to optimize your amp's output relative to the P.A. system. Effects Loop with Mix 50/50 switch to configure in series or parallel. 1/4" rear input and XLR output with selectable levels. http://www.tech21nyc.com/support/manuals/sansamp/RPM-OM2.pdf
      Payment by cash on collection (Woking/Guildford area or meet in SE for petrol money), Paypal - you pay fees, or direct bank transfer. Please see my extensive feedback thread for assurance of a clean and honest transaction. Thanks!

    • By Telebass
      Very little used.Battery or phantom-powered stage DI box. 
      Here's the spec from Behringer:
        Professional and multi-purpose direct injection box for stage and studio applications Provides impedance and signal matching for the direct connection of instruments to mixers and amplifiers Ultra-flat frequency response due to renowned Behringer OT-1 transformer Internal battery automatically shuts off when phantom power is applied Allows direct connection to speaker outputs with up to 3,000 Watts Switchable input attenuation allows input levels of up to +50 dB Ground Lift switch eliminates typical ground loop problems ¼“ TRS and gold-plated XLR connectors Ultra-rugged, road-suitable aluminum case Stackable oversized rubber corners It's been sat in my bag as a standby for lo, these many moons. I've certainly no use for it in the future, so...
      Price is delivered, any questions, fire away.
      Edit: I have cleaned off the markings!

    • By Daniels102
      Hi Guys,
      First time post here so i hope i'm not doing anything wrong!
      In terms of background i've played both guitar and bass for over 10 years but consider myself more of a guitarist, i have only played solid state amps for bass.
      I've just got a good price on an Ampeg SVT VR - an amp i've always wanted to use and pretty much what i consider to be the gold standard for bass tone.
      Now the reason for this is i'm soon going to be opening a studio in my garden. This will be purpose built and the plan is to spend enough to make it airtight and well soundproofed. Depending on the result i may rent it out for rehearsals (our town is awful for practice spaces) but in the event it isnt as quiet as id like i will just use it as a studio for recording purposes.
      Now my question is: what cabinet for my SVT will be best to achieve a great sound that people would expect to get on a high quality recording? I'm assuming an 810 will be completely ridiculous and far too loud for a recording situation (as well as pissing off my neighbours).
      Bear in mind i intend the soundproofing to work well and i will be doing a proper job (lots of sealing, lots of mass, 2 walls etc) and it will cost me thousands. But even so would 210av be a good option? Maybe a 410? I have all but ruled out an 810 but as i've never played through one i really have no idea what to expect volume wise.
      In terms of recording i plan to use a mix of DI but offer the ampeg as the main amp sound in the studio.
      Will the non master volume mean it will need to be even louder than a CL? Would i be better off getting a V4? I got what i consider to be a good price on the VR so i could sell it if it doesnt work out and not be too put out.
      Apologies for the vagueness of the post but i was interersted in peoples thoughts. FYI the studio will be 2 rooms (live and control) around 3 m x 4m in size.
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