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SOLD Czech Double Bass for repair
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IMG_5791.thumb.JPG.848be25f8d745807e44da17ccdc3cb4f.JPGIMG_5792.thumb.JPG.115d6738ff8bb1dd64b079c192ca1853.JPGIMG_5793.thumb.JPG.cc09c17560046ab2137e7be2fb64479b.JPGIMG_5794.thumb.JPG.fe8ebbd0f4b7412b9377858499786319.JPGNeed the Space, hence make me a sensible offer


This is a bass for repair or restoration...it's cheap for a reason, it needs work. There maybe other things I haven't spotted, so suggest you either view it, or ask me for specific photo's etc.

This is a Boosey & Hawkes 400 Laminate Double bass, made in Czechoslovakia. It's about 25 years old.
You've heard this before, but an older Eastern European instrument is so much better than a cheap modern Chinese one.....even one like this needing work !
So the bad bits....it's had a couple of very clumsy repairs done to the the head/scroll and base of the neck, the scroll definitely needs re-doing.....although apparently it's been like this for 15 years, still holds and the bass stays in tune....remarkable really ! The original finish has been stripped. The fingerboard needs re-shooting.....and something needs to be done with the repair holding the base of the neck in. 
The good bits !....most importantly it actually makes a really nice and full sound, so there's a start. It also has a Barcus Berry Transducer Bridge (basically a bridge with a piezo pick up fitted. These haven't been around for a while but were quite expensive to buy & fit (Barcus Berry 1360B).
The bridge sits well, no deformation of the top etc.
Collection from Jct12 M1








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8 hours ago, Duckyincarnate said:

Oh my god those screws through the fingerboard 🙈

It’s certainly an agricultural repair. 

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