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Souldier and Fender Straps - Reduced

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Three straps for sale. None of them have ever left the house. I used to think I need one strap per bass, when I kept my collection out on show in a multi stand, but now I keep them in hard cases under the proverbial bed, they are largely redundant to me.

First up is a Souldier strap. Imported from USA where they are fashioned from old seatbelts I believe. Very funky. £20.  NOW £18 Now £15 posted in the UK




Next up is a natural leather Fender Deluxe Vintage style strap. Gave it a quick smear with Vaseline as recommended, but it’s still quite new and stiff, (ooer missus, etc). £20.

NOW £18 Now £15 posted in the UK





Finally a Fender nylon ‘Stars and Stripes’ strap. Not as garish as the name would suggest. £12  NOW £10 posted in the UK SOLD



All prices are inclusive of postage to the UK.

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Souldier is approx 150cm

Fender leather is approx 142cm

Fender black is approx 187cm SOLD

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I don't think this is the right time to be asking couriers to deliver non essentials. Also, I'm not going to be going to the post office for a few weeks or until the coronavirus situation changes for the better.

Please, by all means, get in touch if you want to express an interest, and I will give you first refusal when some sort of relative normality resumes. I hope you understand.

On 23/03/2020 at 07:58, bouvier said:


I'll take both remaining straps.

 @bouvier Message me if you're interested.

Stay safe everyone. Warmest Regards.

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