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-SOLD - Phil Jones 12B/6T
Bournemouth, Dorset

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NOW SOLD. Open to offers! So here is my Phil Jones rig - I lusted after something like this for years, only to eventually find that it’s waaaay more than I can actually use. If you know bass amplification, you’ll know about PJ ... it’s all true, this rig is amazing with potential for 1200 watts of pure, transparent power and it’s easy to transport - well, easier than an SVT 8x10 anyways. Condition is great, each cab comes with a cover. Sorry, really don’t want to split them up. Based in Bournemouth, happy to travel a reasonable distance to hand over.






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    • By Grewster
      Fantastic little cabs these - we all know that you just can’t beat them for size versus output with incredible fidelity even down to the low B. Hugely portable with a massive sound. I’ve only had it for a short while (gigged once) and loved it so much that I started to plan for a second one when along came a Barefaced cab at a price that I couldn’t refuse. As new condition with PJB cover, paperwork and original box. Will courier at cost, happy to provide local ish delivery.

    • By Jay J
      Excellent condition, little used. Phil Jones BG 100 bass cub combo. Black. Bought in may 2018. 2 channels, 2 x 3 band EQ, mic input, headphone out, DI out, pre amp out. 12" by 10.8" by 7.8". 2 x PJB Neopower type A speakers. Weight is 13.2  lbs/6 kilos. Volts 100 to 240 AC. Tilt option. Padded Phil Jones Carry Case. Personal in person for a cash sale only/no posting possible...

    • By DarylClayton
      Hi everyone
      This is a great monitor for small/mid gigs where you are struggling to hear yourself on a cramped stage.
      It picks up the mid range and top end from your amp and really helps to hear things much more clearly which can be difficult when you are stood right next to your amp/cab.
      This is ideal for mid to low volume gigs. I don't think it would be ideal for loud rock gigs.
      I can include a long speakon cable with it. The cable is inserted under the Ear Box which needs to be screwed/mounted on to a mic stand.
      I have the original packaging and can do shipping and also welcome you to try it out.

    • By Woodinblack
      Phil Jones Bass Cub - BG100 in great condition, ie, pretty well as new. Complete with case, strap (unused), lead, bag, documentation etc.
      Got this earlier in the year at a bass bash but have just used it for practice since. I have now got a bose battery PA which I am using for the same thing so this is sitting not being used.
      Its a great thing for playing at home or in quieter or acoustic gigs, or round a friends house, but it won't keep up with an enthusiastic drummer obviously. Its 100 watts.
      Would rather not post it because I am terribly lazy, but if needs must I will do! Happy to drive it anywhere 50 miles of yeovil, or to meet somewhere.
      Sexy reclining on a chair pose:

      Full Frontal - note the little spring loaded leg at the front.

      Stripping down to show off a fine pair of 5 inchers..

      Taunting from within the bag

      A nice shot of the rear end - note the white patches are glare rather than dirt or dust.

      Full on control panel. 2 types of input for Mic / Bass, inc a combined XLR / Jack on the guitar side and a switch for lower level.
      Level / Bass / mid / treble for both channels, a limiter with level, an ipod style input (lead included), headphone and master volume.

    • By DarylClayton
      Hi, guys
      I am moving on my PJB rig as I am switching to a new set up. 
      This is a great, flexible set up for small and mid size venues. Great for genres such as pop, soul,  jazz and rock snd roll.
      The D-400 provides 350 watts of clean tone and the small speakers provide great clarity, bottom and punch. The built in compressor is also great to help focus your sound. The amp also has a headphone input for practicing at home.
      The two Cab47s work great together as does one Cab47 with the 27 on top or underneath. The 47s take 300 watts each and the 27 takes 200 watts. If you have an amp that can do 2.67 ohms, such as the Aguilar AG700, you can link all three cabs for a superb and compact stack that can handle larger venues.
      I would prefer to sell everything together but am open to offers on the individual items. All in great condition. I can do shipping at the buyer's expense as I have the original packaging. Or you are welcome to try them out and pick them up.
      Also included are the gig bag for the amp and covers for the cabs.
      My feedback is here for your consideration https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/298215-feedback-for-darylclayton/?tab=comments#comment-3211013 

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