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Withdrawn - : ) Fender Squier
Eastham, Wirral


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Location: Eastham, Wirral. NW, UK. 

Condition: Used, some minor wear. Reflected in price

Price£509 £485 inc UK mainland postage 

Trades accepted, Trade Value £500 see comment.

Obtained this awesome bass earlier this year to go alongside my late Yamaha Attitude 25th Anniversary bass as a more functional gigging bass- however I never got to take it out of the house in the end but still sat proudly in my bass collection as a fascinating "one off" instrument.

It's foundations are on a Fender Squier Classic Vibe 51 neck on a Fender Squier Mike Dirnt Pbass body (inc neckplate and pickguard)
However it's been modded with some Hipshot HB10 tuning machines which are solid construction, quality tuners and a matching Hipshot BT7 D-Tuner.
Fender American Deluxe bass bridge- grooved and plated brass saddles.
Neck pickup: DiMarzio Will Power™ Neck
Middle pickup: DiMarzio Model P
Custom electronics:
Volume for Will Power™ Neck pickup
Stacked Volume and Tone for the Model P Middle pickup.

An absolute rock solid bass in construction and sound: something not to be assumed for being a cheap alternative bass whilst armed with USA Hipshot and Fender hardware or sounding less than a Yamaha Billy Sheehan BB714BS with actual DiMarzio pickups and not Yamaha own made pickups and electronics. 




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• 35"/fanned fret 5 string bass

• Yamaha TRBX505 

• 4 or 5 string Musicman bass (MM USA Sub, Sterling Ray, Sterling S.U.B) 

• Sire M2/7 5 string

• Ashdown OriginAL pedal 

• EQ/DI pedal 

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