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New midget build

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2 hours ago, Si600 said:

Machining a compound radius tapered fretboard would be incredibly tricky, and very interesting to set up.

Probably on the wrong side of expensive as well. I'd try @SpondonBassed metal veneer idea first.

Agree on probably wrong side of £££.  Would it be a compound radius?  I am just thinking about how I construct regular wood fret-boards. Plane board flat, glue onto neck blank, band-saw then router neck to tapered shape, hand tool shape back, finally sand radius on using radius block.  It is a fixed radius. I would envisage starting with a 6 mm (?) thick stainless rectangular block.  Mill the radius along whole block, then laser cut the neck profile narrow nut end to wide butt end of fret-board.    Am now wondering about truss rods, neck relief and 'substantial' slabs of stainless steel so perhaps not a good idea.  

One thing to think about (based on my Kramer DMZ 4001) will be coldness to touch in winter.  Stick bass in car, drive to gig, get bass out, it takes a while to warm up again. Even with the wood inserts the aluminium is 'cold' until it reaches room temp.

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I don't know if it's a fixed radius or not! Necks taper so... If a radius block is used then I guess it is.

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2 hours ago, jebroad said:

Steel has many obvious impracticalities, how about a few layers of carbon fiber laminated onto a wooden fretboard which is radiused before hand?https://www.cycfi.com/2010/10/compound-radius-fretboard/

Given that you've mentioned a project with a CF neck a while back, I'd say go for it.  I should think that the right resin should wear well.

Remind me.  Is the neck to be fretted?  Regarding the resin used - a consideration might be; how stable is it over an extended period?  Exposure to fingertip oils and other contaminants might soften or otherwise damage the surface over time.

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I was just going to say that the very first shape you posted would balance really well on the knee and it looks cool too. With these little basses you tend to need a fulcrum at the bottom of the bass rather than a cutaway to place the bass on your leg, because you hold it quite differently. With the short scale and smaller body it’ll feel too far back and too low down. Assume the new shape fits you though and it looks great 😀

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    • By wright/watt
      Hi folks.
      Rare and in excellent, near pristine condition..This is from 1986 and is in a beautiful and incredibly rare LO finish. Light Oak. 
      I remember wanting one of these top of the range Westone basses, by going into Gordon Simpsons music shop in Stafford street, Edinburgh in 1986!! I made do with my wonderful Thunder 1A instead, but obviously never had the money then for the Super headless. One came up on eBay before Chrimbob and I treated myself. (Sorry I digress)
      So this is the XK1900 model with the magnaflux V jazz pick ups. 3 way pick up selector switch. Active on/off, phase on/off  switches (I think?) volume, tone, bass/treble control knobs. Seven piece maple/walnut neck, 24 fret rosewood neck, frets in excellent condition. Alder body and Light Oak top.Westone tuners and bridge (super precise) Sounds amazing. 18 v Electronics all work perfectly. 1.5 inch nut. 33.75 scale..Very low action and slim playable jazz style neck with the slap contour on the body!! Bar one small mark (see last picture) by bottom strap button it is pristine. Not bad for a 34 year old bass!! Shipping to mainland UK included in the price.
      This is the going rate for these basses. Should be considerably more in my opinion.  I would doubt you will find one in this good a condition. unless new and unearthed out of a  time capsule...😀
      Any questions please PM me

    • By PKeri
      Hi Guys,
      For sale or trade my Shuker Series 2 headless bass with Moses graphite neck (Steinberger replacement). I bought this from a fellow basschatter in September and then sent it to Jon to customize it. He installed an ebony ramp to my specs, replaced the EMG knobs with chrome ones and replaced the headpiece to suit single ball strings.
      However a few months ago I bought my first ever Ibanez bass (GWB-1) and realized that this is the sort of neck profile I really want (narrow and very slim neck). This neck would also allow me to play 5 strings which is my genuine preference, so I decided to replace this one with a 5 string fretted Ibanez to accompany my fretless.
      Actually the Moses neck is far from chunky and I've found it comfortable to play with my rather small hands.
      Condition: 10/10, like new, perfectly set up by Jon + Brand new Elixir strings. The tuners are like butter.
      - Alder body (not 100% sure)
      - Matt white finish with a shiny texture
      - EMG MMTW pickup
      - 3 way EMG preamp with parametric mids
      - Nut: 39 mm / 24th fret: 57 mm
      - 34” scale Moses graphite neck
      - 16.5 mm string spacing
      -  only 3.5 kg!
      Trade/PX for a 5 string Ibanez SR Premium bass (maybe other 5 string with similar specs: max. 16.5 string spacing, max. 45 mm nut, very slim neck, less than 4 kg) + cash my way preferably (maybe your way if reasonable). I'd accept GWB35 for PX as well .
      UK based sale/trade preferred, but reasonable offers from the EU will be considered. Shipping is not included in the asking price.

    • By bassmitlinks
      Hi folks,
      i want to sell my Status S2 classic headless bass. It is a real player with an awsome tone. This nice instrument was built in 2002. Of course ist is used and got a few dings and dongs over the years, but nothing serious. There is a chip on the neck which can bother a bit.
      Following the specs:
      Headless 4-string, woven graphite through-neck.
      Fretted 34" scale. 19mm string spacing.
      3-piece body with figured Cocobolo facing,
      walnut tone-block and mahogany wings.
      Natural gloss lacquer.
      Status soap-bar pickups.
      3-band EQ with variable frequency midrange.
      Master volume, pickup blend control.
      Mono-rail bridge units.
      Gold hardware.
      I wish you all the best and take care.

    • By Hellzero
      Due to severe back problems (66% officially disabled because of it) and right shoulder injury (non-operable capsulitis from which, after more than 3 years, I will never fully recover), I'm selling all my basses over 4.5 kilos. I've also considerably lowered the price for a quick sale due the "modification".
      LAURUS Quasar SL 190 Grafite 6 Fretless with modified "headstock" thanks to some delicate courier. See below the link with the explanations. Price is set accordingly and even for Pierluigi CAZZOLA (LAURUS owner), it's a nice work that suits the bass.
      Straight sale only, no trades at all !
      Asking price including shipping fully insured with tracking number to your place in these European countries (ask for other countries) : Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France (excluding French overseas departments and territories), Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom : £1150 GBP !!! (new price at the time with the original "headstock" was around £4500 GBP...)
      In fully working condition and very good overall condition.
      Here are the specifications :
      Body : mahogany body with tonal chambers (the most expensive model)
      Neck : 5 pieces neck through maple and purple heart
      Fingerboard : real graphite (carbon, if you prefer)
      Fretless : 24 positions
      Headstock : headless with massive brass ABM headpiece
      Pickup : Bartolini radiused made to measure for Laurus
      Preamp : Bartolini TCT
      Controls : volume with push-pull for active/passive, bas, mids and treble
      Tuners : at the bridge as it's headless
      Bridge : 2 pieces Laurus
      Strings spacing at bridge : 19 mm
      Nut : brass
      Strings spacing at nut : 9.5 mm
      Knobs : original Laurus
      Scale : 34"
      Hardware colour : black with gold headpiece
      Truss rod : 1 (fully working)
      Finish : transparent gloss
      Land of craftsmanship : Italy
      Serial number : QSL0400516
      Year : 2004
      Weight : 4.6 kilos
      Action : from 1.5 mm under the C string to 2.5 mm under the B string at the octave (can go lower, but was perfect for me)
      Will come with the original normally used Laurus gigbag.
      Non-smoking environment as usual.
      I'm only selling this Laurus SL 190 Grafite 6 fretless because of my health issues, the modified "headstock" having turned it into a perfectly balanced bass. And it sings wonderfully with loads of mwah and that typical Bartolini fretless sound.
      The bass has been fully set up professionally by Christophe LEDUC. It has a new battery and is fitted with a (now) used set of Elixir nickel plated Nanoweb coating strings (32 - 45 - 65 - 80 - 100 - 130), which fit the bass to perfection.
      Link to the explanations about the modified "headstock" : 
      For those interested, it will come with the remains of the headstock without the headpieces, but wit the Laurus logo.
      What you see is what you get !
      Look at the pictures taken under different angles to see the real very good condition and the usual marks.
      Don't hesitate to ask for more.

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