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Tremol-no alternatives for Strat


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I've used the 5 spring method on Strat's before, If it's a fully floating trem (floyd rose or one of the more modern strat type designs) then a thin shim of wood might be needed on the spring side to get it nice and level (i have used blocks of wood on either side of a floyd once to keep it in place.)

you might need to be careful with the 6 mounting screws as tightening them too much can actually pull the trem away from the body, this depends on the profile of the bottom of the bridge plate though.



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It's no help whatsoever, but I only bought a Strat so I could have guitar with a trem on. All my others are hard-tails. (One I actually had Jon Shuker make me a new body to completely remove the rubbish Floyd-alike. It is now my favourite guitar!)

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On 30/09/2019 at 15:46, velvetkevorkian said:

Looking to get something to lock my Strat's bridge in place -- the Tremol-no is expensive and sits proud of the back of the guitar, and I don't really need to be changing it on the fly.

Has anyone used any alternatives? I could get it blocked but that feels a bit crude?



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On 04/10/2019 at 08:57, BigRedX said:

Also bear in mind that locking off the vibrato system so that it can't move will change the sound of the guitar.

This happened to my Fender Showmaster. I fitted a Tremelno system into it and it absolutely killed the tone - it became boomy and sounded awful, and so was removed pretty swiftly. These days I just use it with the arm removed and have all but forgotten that it's actually got a working trem.

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