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Marky Screen

*SOLD* Digitech Bass Synth Wah VGC with box Inc UK postage

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Classic All in one octave/synth/filter pedal.

Great condition no velcro.

Mad as a box of frogs and just as green.

Price includes UK postage




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    • By jbasst
      Hi all,
      Got a bunch of pedals to be move on so here goes - *free postage within the UK*
      3 Leaf Audio Wonderlove Deluxe envelope filter - £220
      MXR Bass Preamp - £95 + original box 
      EHX Bass Big muff micro £50 
      T-Rex Fuel Tank Classic power supply - £75
      Cheers 👍



    • By Marky Screen
      EHX Octave Multiplexer in good condition.
      This is the 90s re-issue version.
      I tested it against the newer smaller XO reissue and it kicks it's derrière. Better tracking and sound.
      Dialing in the filters it can go from a super sub lower octave similar to a meatbox to really synthy and gnarly, like a much more hyped up and aggressive OC2 style sound.
      Comes with 3.5mm power adapter so you can run it from a normal boss style 9v centre negative  power supply.

    • By Richard R
      Does anyone know of a really,  really, idiot proof program for windows which would let me play a series of synth pad chords by pushing one button per chord, holding it then pressing the next one as required? Ideally with a performance UI comprising just four buttons with the chords on 😁
      We played a song last Sunday which was crying out for synth pads to define the chords. In the absence of that I just played repeated root notes on the bass, which actually worked quite well but isn't the same. 
    • By Joebethell
      Up for sale is a collection of mostly synth pedals but with a few others also. 
      Would like to sell as a group but will consider offers on individual pedals. 
      Up first is the monster pedal/synth that can be used in many ways and can control other instruments with CV etc the Sonicsmith Squaver p1+ This single oscillator, 3 voice monophonic audio controlled synth (ACS), the Squaver P1+ is the closest you can get between the performer’s instrument/voice to analog synths sound. The + version expands what the former Squaver P1 started but gives it a variable gate, wider sweep PWM and a smoother ENV. Boxed 
      Malekko downer is and Octavia synth beast that goes from sweet controllable octave sounds to pure dirty chaos. Not boxed 
      Zvex mastotron again synth octave goodness that can get very very heavy. Not boxed 
      Earthquaker Devices Tenticle is a really simple octave up with a synthy edge  just plug in and go. Not boxed 
      Earthquaker Devices Afterneath a strange otherworldly reverb pedal boxed and bagged. 
      And finally an old DOD compression pedal in great condition a classic comes with it's old slightly worn box. 
      Any questions feel free to ask £650posted 

    • By 2pods
      Roland GR-55 Guitar and Bass synth (can be switched between both). Black Edition.
      Excellent condition with power supply and manual.Works perfectly.
      Basically up to 2 pcm synths and 1 COSM modelling engine (detuning, amp, selection, FX, PU, etc.) can be combined to make a patch using either a GK3 (guitar), or GK3B (Bass)Hex pickup. I have one of each, but don't know if I have to have separate ads. I could throw in them both and a bunch of fixings for an extra £60. The GK3B looks a bit scruffy but works great. I'll also include a 2.5m 13pin cable if taking the lot.
      Roland says this:
      More info here https://www.roland.com/uk/products/gr-55/

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