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Headless Valley & Blues 5 string *WITHDRAWN*
Northern Ireland

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The clearout continues...

A curious one this. I bought this little beauty from eBay where it was listed as a Warmoth Gecko put together by Valley and Blues of Toulouse in the 90s. I'm not convinced that Warmoth were involved in any way as the body shape and neck construction don't match any gecko I've ever seen (although I don't admit to being an expert on anything Warmoth!).

What it is though, is a really high quality bass for the money. Bartolini USA pickups and preamp, high quality headless hardware (looks like ABM - I've seen the same bridge on Sei basses, big money items!). I believe from the headpiece shape that it can handle both standard and double ball strings. Maple and mahogany(?) neck with an ebony fretboard. The body is 3 pieces of what I can only assume is ash with 2 stringers of mahogany (again, only a guess). 34" scale, 17.5mm spacing at the bridge, although there's some adjustment in that if required.

There are a few little scrapes on the back  and front of the body and some buckle rash. On the back of the neck the finish has seeped into the center stringer and left what looks like little finish voids, but I don't feel them when playing it. Neck is otherwise perfect. Someone has given up on the original rear strap button and installed another just next door... 

It feels great to play, balances really nicely, I'll confirm weight over the weekend but my calibrated arm leads me to believe it's in the 9lb region (now confirmed by my digital luggage scales! 8.8lbs/4kg). Sounds nice and punchy and better than the price would lead you to believe. Gigbag included.

The more I play it the more I like it so take it away before I change my mind... Courier is fine at your expense.















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No, but if you're not in a panic I could put something together! 

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