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Stentor Arcadia Double Bass + Pickup + Case + Stand now £1850
Stone, Staffordshire

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Up for sale is my Stentor Arcadia double bass which is now surplus to requirements. I have owned this bass for around 9 years and it has always been a reliable and playable instrument. It does have some superficial signs of use (see pictures below). Some key points:

- Evah pirazzi weich strings
- Fishman full circle pickup installed
- Medium/low action (adjustable)
- Set up by Laurence Dixon (plays great!)
-Comes with a Tom & Will gig bag (fully functioning apart from the wheels) and a double bass gig stand.


From the Stentor website:

The Stentor Arcadia double bass is an excellent handcrafted instrument, hand carved from selected solid tonewoods, with inlaid purfling. It features a fully carved well flamed back and front and is finished with a hand applied traditional shellac varnish. Each instrument is individually workshop fitted. The Stentor Arcadia is the top of Stentor's range of high-grade orchestral models. These are superb handcrafted instruments, carved from selected and figured tonewoods. It is made in a specialist bass workshop within the Stentor factory, in a traditional luthier's environment that would be familiar to makers throughout the centuries. This produces fine instruments with a superior finish and sound that reflects the making of each instrument.


This really is a great sounding and playing instrument. Ideal for someone who is looking for a gig ready double bass.

I'm looking for £1850 collected. Only trade considered would be a Yamaha SLB 200.








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      Hello everyone,
      I would be grateful for everyone's opinion on this.
      I am a double bass player in school, and I am working on a project to create a method of transport for my school's double bass. I would love to hear from people about the products that they use for transporting their own double bass, and certain things that they love about their own methods or things that they would wish to see on a product in the future. I would also  like to know more information about how people travel around with their bass across all types of public transport. I am based in UK, so I would focus a bit more on the underground tube station and train transport. And also, if you're doing a performance or a gig and require a seat, do you bring an extra stool or is there usually one provided. I will also put up a poll and hopefully you can put in some time to answer a few questions!
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      Up for sale is my Bridge Cetus, a stunning instrument  that I bought new from Promenade Music in 2018. It has never been gigged or even left my flat, subsequently it is in pretty much new condition. I am selling this with regret as a result of wrist issues that due to an pre-existing condition, are making it very difficult for me to progress on the instrument.
      Here are the specs taken from the Bridge Violins website:
      Body: hollow moulded bodyshell, from carbon fibre and kevlar composites
      Headstock and neck: The neck and headstock are carved from a single maple block. The
      headstock design is a modified copy of the 1710 Stradivari Viola da Gamba head. The neck is hand coloured and finished with oils, for a fast, smooth, traditional finish.
      Fingerboard: Ebony fingerboard

      Machine Heads: brass Tyrolean style engraved brass plate machine heads

      Nut: Ebony nut.

      The Bridge pick up system is encapsulated within the bridge, designed
      by Bridge.

      Tailpiece: ebony tailpiece.

      Endpin: Basses use an ebony plug, notched steel rod with brass screw and ferrule, and
      removable rubber protector.


      Bridge Pick-Up System:
      The pickup system is designed by Bridge and unique to these instruments. It uses a piezo crystal configuration giving an accurate acoustic sound with an even tone. The pickup uses all mechanical movements of the instrument to generate its acoustic sound.

      Bridge Active Circuitry: has a sophisticated active circuitry dedicated to the frequency range of the instrument, uses a 9V battery giving approx 3000 hours playing time.
      This bass has a surprisingly natural and woody tone for an instrument with a carbon fibre body, it's the best sounding  EUB around in my opinion. You'll notice that the back plate that houses the 9V battery cavity is lined with Blu Tack; this is not to mask a defect, it was done because the back panel is made of light material and vibrated slightly when I played certain notes on the instrument unplugged. This slight buzz was not audible when it was played amplified.
      Not looking for trades, just a sale please. As you can see, the soft case the bass came with offers little in the way of protection so it's collection only from the Preston Park area of Brighton. The bass comes with the aforementioned soft case, a horsehair German Double Bass bow and some rosin. These basses don't come up for sale very often - this one is in practically new condition, they  go for £3,250 new.  Come and try it out yourself. Message me with any questions or for additional pictures.
      Here's my feedback:

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      Realist soundclip with the box and all the docs and things.
      Bought it to use on the bass du jour while touring, but they tend to come with something useable so I got fed up of carrying it around just in case.
      Used maybe a half dozen times...

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      Hi, I recently bought a DB, this is my first recording with it. The bass playing is really basic but this was so on the original recording, so no Jaco Pastorius award for exceptional playing here. However along with the acoustic guitar it sets the 3/4 rhythm for the piece, the bass playing the first beat in every bar with the acoustic on beats 2 & 3. The main lead instrument being pedal steel guitar.
      This is my version of a track on the 80's soundtrack Apollo which was put together by Brian Eno, Roger Eno and Daniel Lanios for the film For All Mankind, which was about the Apollo missions.
      Doing the video was also a lot of fun.
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