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Ade from Bristol, been playing on and off for over 40 years. Played with original bands all my bass playing time. Played for Open Sore (originall 1977 punk band featured Sean Burke and Barry benn of Tubeway Army. Played the roxy etc. The band featured on the farewell to the roxy album. My highlight was playing Blackpool winter gardens rebellion festival)also played and play for Naked Lunch (some bizarre records) 1980’s depeche mode quote them as being an influence in their autobiography.

Earlier in the year I lost use of my fretting hand due to abscess on the spine and got depressed and sold everything as I felt if I couldn’t play then why let good equipment gather dust.

my hand is slowly recovering and have started buying again. I have Yamaha bx-1, Westone the rail bass and a Kramer the duke bass. I am looking for a light weight budget rig or combo as I have been invited by Naked Lunch to play some shows so will go through house:venue pa but would be nice to have something on stage. Unfortunately I don’t have much budget due to being on ssp since March and only just started going back to work.  I hope my hand is up to playing the show/s either way it’s given me a goal.

anyway enough of my ramblings and hi everyone 👍😊

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