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SOLD. This is your last chance b4 it comes off sale. Free UK delivery. Sandberg California MarloweDK IV with proper Sandberg soft case. Happy to ship. Final Drop £950


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Sandberg MarloweDK California 4 string bass. Series 2. As original. Comes with the proper Sandberg soft case.

No hyperbole needed. A quality bit of kit.


Alder Body (Vibration treated), Maple Neck, Pau Ferro Board, Pearloid Inlays, Custom wound Alnico Pickups, Nickel Hardware, 38mm neck at nut, Weight: 8lbs 3lbs ’ish’

Condition is as ‘new’ 😂. It’s never ever been dropped or banged, and has been kept in a hard case when not being played. I’ve gigged it, but I manage not to fall over or fight with drum kits.

Bass is in Cheltenham. Will come in the proper Sandberg softcase. UPS to mainland UK for £30, or arrange a local meet/collection. I’ve a proper bass box etc

£950. I’ve no need to sell, so please no daft/disingenuous offers.









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Sincerely not been something I’d considered or actually been aware of! The relicing is where wear would happen over time. It is definitely not an issue gigging and is where your thumb would naturally anchor. I’m at work right now, but would say 5mm?

All the best


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That gouge really is not too deep and it’s in a position where Thomas Rissel would naturally place his thumb as it’s his sig bass.

Playability is by no means affected, in some ways it adds another position to rest your thumb as a nice ‘natural’ shelf - on top either pick up and in this bit.

Top top bass

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