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GONE 15” speaker in cab - collect from York

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Here’s a 15” speaker that’s free to a good home. Here’s everything I know about it.

I bought it from a very nice bloke a couple of years ago. He thought it might be a celestion speaker in it, but who knows. I guess it’s 8 ohm (as someone has written 8 near the 1/4” jack). I’ve only used it at home and seems to work fine.  The cab is not a cosmetic masterpiece but it’s fine. Handle on top is good.  It’s only got the single 1/4” jack  

H 68 cm x W 56 cm x D 28 cm (all approx). 

Weight?  If the carnival had a “guess the weight of this cab” competition I’d say 14kg.  (But I’ve never won a guess the weight of anything competition.)

You’ll need to collect from York. 






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