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Sire - Marcus Miller P7 - £250
Abingdon, Oxfordshire

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For sale is my Sire P7. £300 £250.

Great bass with an 18v pre-amp. Selling due to having too many basses now and need to thin the herd, its one of these:


In absolutely perfect condition apart from the following:

There is an issue with the main Volume/Tone knob where it has taken a knock and may need replacement pot but I am unsure. It works fine but you need both hands to turn both of the stacked sections. Someone with some technical savvy may be able to sort it very easily. < Due to this issue the price is lowered. 

Will look into delivery pricing @ DHL or another courier once sale is confirmed. If you are looking to pick up or want to come and see the bass for yourself I am located in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. 








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    • By This Town Needs A Hero
      Hi guys, first post here!
      I'm just finding myself getting into bass recently and am wanting to buy a new one. Digging around online has shown Sire basses seem great value for money so I'm leaning towards the  new 5 string v7 or p7. I'm ashamed to say the primary draw towards the V7 is purely aesthetic, the burgundy is calling out to me!
      I currently have a Fender Pawn Shop Bass Vi and have been using this for my basslines. Kind of a bass but not, for those who know. Am I likely to get a similar sound (and therefore want a different one for versatility) to this with the V7 or P7? I know nothing of the different sound types and what is appropriate and am looking to learn
      I do a lot of home recording and songwriting and am big into R&B and Neo-Soul at present.
      What would you recommend for this style of music?
    • By 40hz
      Now £775 (got my eye on something else, if it doesn't sell at this price I'll pull it from sale shortly).
      Hello all!
      Up for sale is my recently acquired Japanese Fender Marcus Miller Jazz Bass in borderline mint condition. I just cannot wean myself off my Modulus Flea, so this is too nice a bass to have sat around not being played. 
      Serial Number dates it to 2006-2008.
      I'll have to find some scales to weigh it properly, but it's very lightweight for one of these. The other two I've played have been anchors. Weight on my scales is 9lbs 4oz but bizarrely it really feels a lot lighter than this.
      2 band active EQ (with freshly installed battery) with active/passive switch. Does the whole super jazz thing to a T, with a balls to the wall slap tone.
      Frets are in great condition. Truss rod works. Set-up is low and buzz free.
      Cosmetically it's superb for a 14 year old bass. There is one 'tiny' unnoticeable ding on the upper bout and some slight tarnishing on the tuners but nothing else to report.
      Comes with a hardcase (in superb condition) and straplocks.
      Only thing I would consider trade wise is a Warwick Thumb 4 BO with a very slight cash adjustment my way depending on condition. Would also consider a 50's Classic Series P-Bass (no sunburst) with cash adjustment my way.
      As always with me, cash on collection (sorry I won't post) or happy to meet up within a large radius to myself here on the Warwickshire/Oxfordshire/Gloucestershire border, or even deliver for petrol costs.
      No offers or lowballers please. I'm not in any kind of a rush to sell.
      Thanks for looking!




    • By loremil
      Lovely Sire V7 2nd generation fretless in olympic white. Low action, slim and straight neck and loads of fretless mwhaaa. Bought in June 2019 and in perfect condition.

      Currently strung with D’Addario XL rounds, but happy to provide the original D’Addario flats the bass came with.

      It got me hooked on fretless and I’m upgrading, hence the sell.
      Collection in London only, please. Thanks for looking!

    • By seifregno
      Bass, in perfect conditions. Like new. No scratches and dings.
      New strings and professional setup. 
      Original Hard case
      No exchanges.

    • By vutran
      Selling my custom ordered de Gier BeBop 5 in Inca Silver that I got in November 2016. 
      Since I've owned it has been my main bass live, so it does have some signs of use but never been abused.
      If ordered one today you'll have to pay atleast 2875€ + 180€(for left handed) = 3055€ + shipping.
      Body: Ash
      Neck: Maple
      Fingerboard: Rosewood with white binding
      Pickups: Lollar
      Controls: Vol, vol, tone, Fatboost
      Colour: Inca Silver with matching headstock
      Pickguard: Black
      Tuners: Hipshot Ultralites
      Bridge: De Gier/ETS
      Finish: High gloss
      Weight: 4,132kg
      Original gig bag included.
      1600€ + shipping(inside EU only) from Finland. 

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