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Basses for sale in the For Sale section.


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I peruse the basses for sale section two or three time a day just seeing what's up there...while I have no real wants or desires; I've got four cracking basses I love, but I do admit to the harbouring of nugget or two of ache for a handful of basses that I've only played for a few seconds (Rickenbackers, heh) or ever seen photographs of.  While there's some beautiful stuff on sale, for me a lot of it is just eye candy.

I think where I'm going with this thread is the observation that some gear just never seems to come up.  When I was offloading my Thunderbirds to fund my Lulls, I seemed to have sparked off a landslide of Thunderbirds for sale, now though things seemed to have settled and there's none for sale (much the same as it was before I started hoovering them up...I think I was up to 12 at one point).

Granted some of these manufacturers don't trade anymore or are highly desired, viz. Hamer/Kubicki (I'd pull the trigger on either a decent Cruisebass or Ex-Factor today if one came up), or companies only building a handful of my desired models (Spector Forte 4X), or that some basses are just keepers (the PJ version of the Fender Jaguar).  I bitterly regret not buying the Jeff Ament Hamer 12-string that was on here a couple of years ago.

Ho-hum.  Lunch over.  Back to the grind.

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It happens with amps too. At the start of the year there was a massive spate of Mesa Boogie gear for sale, which previously I have found to be pretty scarce. 

I mean a few years ago, I actually had funds to buy a second hand Wal, but one never appeared. By the time it did I had already bought a bloody car.

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7 hours ago, NancyJohnson said:

 or that some basses are just keepers (the PJ version of the Fender Jaguar).

You're right there... :) I'll be hanging on to my American Standard Jaguar. (PJ and active or passive, and they work in passive mode with a flat battery.)

I think they were only made for a year, maybe two years.


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