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WITHDRAWN::: Shooting gear (game/clays)

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I bought this kit some years ago when I shot game (3 times 😱) couldn’t come to terms with it and continued to shoot clays (still do, badly).

Aigle Wet weather shooting Jacket: £65.00 Olive colour, two main pockets, two hand warmers, rear game pocket (nothing died in there). Jacket worn occasionally dog walking but I have other jackets that do the job. 

Le Chameau Neoprene Boots: £60.00 jersey lined immaculate condition. Wellies have been worn maybe half a dozen times no wear on the soles as new, nearly.

 Gun slip size up to 32.5” barrel length: FOC if you buy the boots and jacket. Sturdy canvas fleece lined.










Closest I can find for the jacket


Indication of gun slips price


Bargains to be had if your a shooter, walker or just a ‘poser’ buy the jacket and wellies get the gun slip f.o.c.

Posted U.K. mainland.

Thanks for looking


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Jacket label states XL, it is a large XL meant to be worn over maybe a fleece.

Wellies left hand boot in the picture states U.K. 45 as is the right boot.

Gun slip will take 32” barrel O/U shotgun including extended choke tube so that’s about 32.5” barrel length.

thanks for pointing out the omissions.



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Driven shooting was ok, the first and second time, then, funny enough, on Billy Connelly’s Estate “Candercraig” up in Aberdeenshire, I was struck by remorse when the driven Pheasant flew overhead like a massive flock of large parakeets.. exciting Adrenalin driven euphoria, then my conscience kicked in.... hare shooting was murder, I was distraught, tiny Snipe, a game bird, not a mouthful in it. Gave it up. Don’t get me wrong, I would shoot Rabbit and Pigeon as vermin/pests for the table, but that’s about it, and I don’t do that. Clays that’s Adrenalin enough. At my age now..

Im off to a shoot tomorrow enough fun for me.... 😎Clays of course

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Just back from a dog walk, wore the wellies, great... Removing them and the jacket from sale, gun slip I’ll dispose of the gun slip at the clay club. Jacket I’ll wear again.

Thanks for looking guys.

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