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Based in London, toured as a drummer and sound engineered over 13 years, but have experience in recording, lighting, live production.

Always loved bass, Prodigy - Fat of The Land, first album bought and saved up but went tower of records a lot to listen to it. Been playing bass recently with old friends, have an old Yamaha five string but been hiring the rehearsal studio one lately. Simple 4 string Westfield I think.

I have more experience playing guitar and was thinking of getting a short scale, low budget for now, Ibanez Tmb30 or the Gio Mikro. I would consider full size if it is light weight, any suggestions? I want something light, been stuck behind a mixing desk or drums when I was touring. Got rhythm so I can dance but put me in front of a microphone, without an instrument... Haven't tried that still.

I'm struggling to find five string SS bass, any good? Would be nice to have or in the future if I get used to the SS 4 string.

I don't need amp for now but I hear sustain can be an issue. Compression should help with this on SS? There is a nice multi-band compressor for bass.

Thank you for having me here, will do some more research but that's where I'm at now. Would like to buy one this week or the next at the latest, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Check the LBGS thread - the event is on your door step - you'll be able to try all sorts and ask whatever questions you're brave enough to ask - and there'll be loads of Bcers to talk to.


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