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Accidental new rig week

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I've accidentally ended up with a new rig this week. I've been looking for a backup for my Hiwatt DR103, but haven't found another for less than £1500! an idle look at ebay came up with a hand built point to point wired clone at a fifth of that price...... in Portugal. the seller had put up some youtube footage of the amp in action, so I took the plunge... mine was the only bid, and it turned up on Tuesday. meanwhile, Stealth had put up 'The Beast' , his Ashdown 8x10 up for sale on Basschat. I really shouldn't have, but I bought that too.

Here's the old and the new n an A/B test. Probably a bit much for a 12x12 foot room!


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You beat me to Stealth's cab. I don't need it and therefore should be happy to have saved the money. 

But seeing this, oh my. How good would that look under my CTM 100? 

Congratulations on two killer rigs. I bet you just sit and stare at them don't you? 😉

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    • By big rob
      I must say the best 4x10 i have ever owned, also has a great tweeter.
      Now down to £300 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Grab a bargain.
      Also comes with the padded TC cover.
      TC Blurb:
      Stackable 600 Watt bass cabinet with tweeter offers extreme portability and superior tone for stage and studio use ? Vertically stackable with other RS range cabinets for uncompromising full-frequency sound Compact and lightweight bass cabinet design 4 x 10" custom Eminence* drivers for deep fundamental bass tone 1" titanium diaphragm tweeter with 1.5" aluminum coil for increased percussive attack and definition Dual speaker link connections on premium Neutrik speakON* connectors (8 Ohm impedance) L-pad control lets you adjust to get the perfect amount of high-end detail Stylish ?anti-skid? covered plywood cabinet designed for toughest life on the road Designed and engineered in Denmark  

    • By Paul C
      Ashdown ABM 500 Combo for sale. 4x10. Good condition for age. Perfect working order. Can be tried out at rehearsal room in central Manchester. 10 minutes walk from Piccadilly train station. Would require collection via car due to weight. 

    • By King Tut
      I picked up an Ashdown MAG600 from here earlier in the week and was keen to try it out last night. I think the model is an EVOIII although it's not labelled as such, it just has the 15th anniversary logo on the front and all the facilities found on the later MAG's. It's well equipped with the usual Ashdown VU meter and passive and active inputs. It has a five band EQ entered around very useful frequencies and deep and bright switches. The EQ can be switched in and out from the front panel. It has a one knob compressor and an octave down facility and overdrive, again switchable from the front panel. The distortion can also be operated with a foot switch. The Octaver is a bit of a waste of space - sure it works well and sounds good but without being able to foot switch it in and out you could only really use it for a whole song.
      On the back it's just got an IEC mains in and switch, two big fans and usefully, a pair of Speakon/Jack combo sockets - so all round, a pretty well equipped amp.
      I played with Stray, a fairly loud but not stupid loud, Classic Rock five piece at Leo's in Gravesend. It's a nice rock venue with a medium stage and a good sound engineer and PA. I was running the amp through an Eden Nemesis 4 x 10 which is an 8 ohm cab rated at 500W. I've used the cab with other heads and it's never been lacking volume, but of late, I've been running a 2 x 12 stack to get the sound closer to my ears (which are protected with ear plugs).
      Tonally, I bloody love the thing. The EQ, as mentioned is really useful and the tone is solid and clear but warm with a hint of grit when pushed. I played the first set with a Jazz Bass and the second with a Ric 4003 - two different beasts and the Ashdown really brought out that difference. In isolation I was over the moon with the tone. I had the deep switch in and each EQ knob pushed a bit past noon with a bit more top and high mid than the rest. Once we'd kicked off sound checking though, I had to really crank the master volume and by the end of the night it ended up around at around 3 o'clock. Bear in mind that with my Class D heads (A GK MB500 and a Bugera Veyron 1001T) I seldom get the master volumes past 11 o'clock - so this surprised me a bit. Having said that - the tone did not break up at all - it was sweet.
      I think - having not used the 4x10 for a while, the perceived lack of volume may have been down to all the sound coming past my knees. I know I was pretty loud cos the Jazz fed back a couple of times. I'm also going to experiment with not having the deep switch in, so I can drive the front end a bit more.
      To summarise - the amp is well equipped and easy to dial in great tone, but the verdict is out on for the time being on volume. I'd be interested in the collective opinion on my observations.

    • By OriginalGBass
      NOW £650!
      For Sale or Trade for 2x 1x15 or 2x 2x10 cabs or one 2x15 cab, Markbass preferable but not essential. Price includes delivery within 50miles of Leeds area, or collection no posting.
      Used for touring this summer in Europe, which is now over. I am back to smaller venues and this is a bit overkill for smaller ones, and i'd like the option to have a more modular setup for this ie. two cabs that can be used in isolation or combined, this seems logical moving forward.
      As with all my gear this has been very well looked after and is in very good condition, comes complete with a custom Roksolid padded cover that I had made for it. 
      A truly fantastic sounding cab, if you've tried a markbass 4x10 imagine two of those! superb frequency response, no lost mids like the Ampeg equivalent. Aside from a great sound reproduction this 8x10 has the cool vintage looks most want in a cab like this, it really is a looker, but at an incredible 40kg.
      Easily fits in the back of my VW Golf with room to spare in length being a compact size at 116cm in length, and no assistance required. Very manoeuvrable due to the light weight, solid casters on the rear with pull bar. I have added a black aluminium kick plate to the rear of the cab offering greater protection to this area.
      Tolex is spot on throughout, no tearing.
      Bought for £1069 and still under MB warranty, Priced to sell at 700 all in, any trial welcomed.
      Website info:http://www.markbass.it/product-detail/classic-108/
      4 ohms
      8x10 in.
      sealed /none
      1" compression driver with custom horn
      1600W RMS (AES Standard)
      3.5 kHz
      54 Hz to 20 kHz
      103 dB SPL
      89.95 lbs / 40.8 kg
      23.03" / 58.5 cm
      45.63" / 115.9 cm
      18.78" / 47.7 cm

    • By Rickytwo
      Part of my Retirement Sale - Please see other items
      If you are looking at this then you probably know exactly what it is and what it is capable of. If you have any questions re power, dimensions, weight etc then please give me a call.
      AH1200-12 amp as new with Trace Cover
      8 x 10 cab with horn, minor scuff to rhs of cab but otherwise in mint condition, has Trace cover
      See pics
      Heavy Beasts so collect only

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