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FS / FT Fodera Monarch Victor Wooten Deluxe Custom 4 (PRICE DROP)
Overijse, Belgium

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Fodera Monarch Classic Victor Wooten Deluxe 4c

-  34" scale
- Mahogany body
- Madagascar Kingwood (+750 USD) fretboard
- Flame maple top
- Dovetail 3 piece neck
- Matching headstock
- 24 frets
- Birth year 2004
- EMG PJ pickups
- Mike Pope custom 18V preamp
- String spacing 19mm
- D-tuner Fodera (+ the original included) 
- Teardrop flightcase

Trades only possible with other 4 strings custom Foderas but in JJ 70s or dual coils (because I already have 2x Foderas in this same configuration)

Mind that this is priced to sell, trade value do not follow asking price in any way!

PRICE DROP 4600 GBP!!! (5000 Euros) Shipping Excluded

The bass is in Belgium.

If you want Victor Wooten's tone and feel, this is the bass for you!! Not a Standard one! (angled heads brings better string tension, better attack, and more sustain, Custom Mike Pope preamp is much more stuffed than the one on the standards too, dovetail construction makes it much easier to access the last frets, and last but not least, since it's from 2004, this instrument was hand built by the masters themselves, Vinny and Joey)

Here is a video of how this bass sounds with about 10 months old D'addario light (40-95) strings!







Fodera _7.jpg

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Trade value inserted
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5 hours ago, bassfan said:

Lovely bass... great sound clip! 

Thank you! It's a phenomenal bass and breaks my heart to let it go, but I have a double twin sister

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Honestly thought this would be gone in less than a week.. Maybe vacation time? 

This is priced at 6k everywhere else, and mine is old, stable and the woods resonates like a dream, come on! 😏 

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I got an email from someone telling me this is not yet sold because it's old, so probably not in good condition, and people are looking for Foderas in perfect condition. So I now have to clarify here:

First of all; this bass is in PERFECT condition. (even though I did not mention this)

There are normal signs of aging in the finish, in case you don't know how Fodera's finish turns over time, it is not my fault. It's actually very very beautiful and always feels silky smooth..

The rest is perfect, no dents on the head, very minor signs of normal use on the body, frets are still good, everything works great, and the bass plays like a dream. But it's a Fodera, so I did not think it would be necessary to state all of this.

It is now mounted with old 40-95 D'addario Nickel strings, but the nut size on this bass is more suited for standard 45-105s, even though it works with any gauge.

Bass has never seen any shock in temperature or humidity during my ownership since 2011, and I'm still careful about how and where I stock my instruments until today, and forever.

Last but not least, this comes from the era when Fodera used to make only a few basses per year, woods selection and wait time was not the same as it is today.

I have now replaced it with an almost identical bass, a Yin Yang Deluxe, only because I like the Yin Yang logo since my childhood, but they sound and play nearly the same (many could not even tell any difference, even though I hear some differences with the ebony). Also, I paid the Yin Yang Deluxe way more than I am selling this Monarch Deluxe.

Hope that's all clear! This bass made me happy for 8 years (even though I stopped playing bass for quite a long 5 years during this period), I am sure it would make someone else as happy!



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I always thought that a -good- instrument getting old was actually better (as long as it is properly kept, of course), not worse.

Otherwise a 1964 Jazz Bass would be junk, not a treasure (which it is).

Good luck with the sale of this bad, old, rosty, decrepit, terminated bass.


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