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Jean-Luc Pickguard

Are these Rotosound RS66LD Swing Bass?

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These strings sound phenomenal on the epiphone thunderbird vintage pro I (accidentally) bought on ebay a few weeks ago. I asked the seller what the strings were but he says he never changed them so thinks they were the original ones - I'm sure they're not the original factory set as those wouldn't have had silks and would have a nickel sheen to them that these don't.

These have red silks at the head end, but no silks at the bridge end. The ball ends are E-red A-blue D-white and G- red(again)

I've not used roundwounds for almost 20 years but these are perfect for this bass, so it would be worth getting a spare set if I can identify them.

The colour of the ball ends suggests they are rotosounds, and the red silks suggests swing bass, however I'm not 100% sure as I thought rotosounds would have red silks at the bridge end as well.

Any ideas?

IMG_1384 2.JPG

IMG_1388 2.JPG

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Thanks - I've been googling and it looks like the RB45 set is unsilked at both ends.

I did find a page where someone mentioned that new swing bass sets don't have the silk at the bridge end any more, but i've not been able to find any pics to confirm this and on their page on stringsdirect it mentions that they are silked at both ends.

The strings I'm trying to ID do seem to be made from stainless steel rather than nickel plated.

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I've been informed that mine are Rotosound Swing Bass RS665LD by the seller, which are steel rather than nickel and don't have silk at the bridge end like yours.

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