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Wide 5 neck?


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I have been after a wide 5 neck (19 mm bridge spacing) for my project. They seem to be rare or I have not reached the right manufacturer. Warmoth Gecko has a wide 5 in their selection, but VAT + customs etc. equal expensive. I would love carbon, but they are very few. Status Graphite has that MM5 but it is not wide. Modulus has produced wide 5s, but available only in ready bass, so the price is astronomical... Warwick has broadnecks, but again, where can I find the neck and neck only?

Some years back I modded two Ibanez basses (506 and an Ashula) to really wide 5 but the Ashula lost its character so I converted it back to original and sold it. That 506, well, it is heavy. My target is to get a small bodied wide 5. Maybe a used 6-string neck and some woodwork?

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