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SOLD - Fender Elite Jazz V - 5 String Active Made in USA

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Lovely bass in near mint condition. 

Only selling to cover a 60's Fender purchase.

The active and passive tones on this is excellent. Goes from massive and modern to vintage.  Much better than previous active Jazz basses.

Comes with original case.

More pics to come.

  • Double cutaway 5-string electric bass
  • Dual all-new fourth-generation Noiseless Jazz Bass single-coil pickups
  • Onboard active 18-volt preamp for more headroom with less noise
  • Compound profile neck; redesigned contoured neck heel
  • 9.5”-14” compound radius fingerboard
  • HiMass bridge; new genuine bone nut
  • Includes redesigned ABS Elite Molded Case with TSA locks


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    • By MrT-Bass
      So i'm probably going to regret this but needs must at the moment....
      Here we have my fantastic Shuker fretless 5 string. If you know Jon's work, you'll know what you're looking at. This bass is stunning in both looks and playability. It was commissioned by me and received in February 2019. I've spent a lot of time playing it at home but it has never really been out of the studio so is in 'as new' condition apart from some minimal wear on the board. Comes with a Hiscox hard case. Bank transfer preferred and shipping at buyers expense. (It'll be very well packaged!!)
      Specs are as follows - 
      5 string J bass fretless
      34” scale
      46mm nut width
      66mm wide at 12th fret
      76 wide at 24th fret
      72mm string spacing at the bridge
      20mm neck depth at 1st fret
      21.7mm at 12th
      270mm 12th fret to front edge of neck pickup
      355mm to bridge pickup
      3 piece maple deep set neck, no black veneers
      African ebony fretless board, fully lined
      two way truss rod
      carbon fibre reinforcement
      Limilay side dots
      brass nut
      plain maple headstock veneer to hide laminates
      black shuker sig
      headstock 1, 4+1
      Hipshot ultralite cloverleaf tuners
      satin neck lacquer (slight vintage tint)
      J bass custom shape, deeper cutaway, extended horn
      swamp ash body, no chambers
      polyester basecoat
      Gloss Black nitro colour
      parchment s/plate (tort spare)
      chrome hardware
      rear rout
      Schaller 2000 bridge
      removable ramp
      Kent Armstrong dual coil pickups with switch for single coil
      john east pre, uni pre, passive tone
      battery level indicator
      side jack

    • By TrevorG
      A tad shocked at myself but a fairly casual investigation turned into a purchase last weekend. Bar the commmon, slight misalignment of some of the pots I can’t fault the thing. Took me ten minutes to set it up. Probably the best action on a bass I’ve ever had. Sounds fabulous (to me) and is quite a looker in the flesh. 

    • By ash
      These instruments were made in Japan alongside the legendary JV range and to the same high standard. They didn’t have the vintage features of the JV models but are well respected instruments nonetheless. Don’t confuse the SQ models with the ‘beginners market’ Squiers of later years, these are up there with the best US made instruments and are becoming sought after now JV models have started to attract big money. The necks are particularly wonderful. This one is in excellent condition, only a few minor marks and scuffs. The neck is immaculate, the hardware and pickups are like new. It sounds like a Precision ought to! All original and weighs 4kgs. New Rotos 40-100s great balance. An excellent vintage bass at an affordable price. A recent purchase but I need to raise some cash fairly urgently, last in first out. 
      It comes with a heavy, rather tatty but functional aluminium flight case. No trades, sorry. I’d prefer pickup in person as I only have the case to post it in, however if you want it posting in the U.K. I can look into it at your cost. If you want Fender flats on it rather than Rotos I can restring it. 

    • By Etienne
      *NOW SOLD*
      Hi everyone,
      I bought this at the start of 2020 with the intention of using it as a do-it-all tone machine for function gigs, but to be honest, I've got far too much gear as it is, and certainly not enough space to justify keeping it all!
      Due to the pandemic, this hasn't even left my house, so it's still in the same great gigged-but-not-abused condition that I acquired it in. It's recently been strung with Newtone roundwounds, and plays superbly up and down the neck with medium action to suit fingers and pick.
      The Jaguar Bass is an electronically complex instrument, as anyone who's tried one can attest to, but don't worry- the active circuit, switches & pots work perfectly on this example, and the whole instrument looks to be standard and unmodified, even down to the strap buttons. According to the serial number, this bass was made in 2006, which puts it amongst the earliest to be built. As you’d expect from a CIJ instrument, it’s been assembled and finished with care.
      There are a few scratches, knocks and dings to the finish in the usual areas, but nothing really nasty. I did consider polishing and buffing the body to correct most of the minor imperfections, but decided to leave them untouched for the next owner to decide.
      The weight is approximately 9.5 lbs/4.3KG according to my fishing scales.
      Edit: I've now dropped the price down for the last time to a firm £620: definitely no offers or trades please! This includes mainland UK shipping, plus a well-used but functional Hiscox hard case to send it in.
      *NOW SOLD*
      Alternatively, I can personally deliver the bass with or without the Hiscox case throughout the North-West region, or the buyer can collect from my pet/smoke free home in the Liverpool/Sefton area.
      Bank transfer is preferred, but Paypal is also possible.
      Please PM me for any additional info and photos, and thanks for looking!

    • By JohnPaulJones
      Beautiful instrument by Jon.
      Upgraded Ziricote top
      Premium light-weight alder body
      Hard rock birds-eye maple neck and board (7-piece neck)
      Set neck
      Matching headstock
      34" scale
      Brass nut
      Seymour Duncan pups and 3-band active pre-amp circuit
      18mm string spacing
      8.9lbs on my scales
      Active/passive Killswitch - not sure why...
      Passive tone control, stacked bass/treble, mid, balance and volume
      Shuker embossed Hiscox case.

      Collection welcome. Courier £25.








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