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Jerzy Drozd Obsession Excellency 6 *now 2.500 € for a straight sale*

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The bass is in good condition, technically tiptop, with usual optical used tracks (on the back of the body) and on the top plate smaller things, which I captured in the photos as best as possible.

*now 2.500 € for a straight sale*

The tone and response is extremely direct and resonant. The playability very comfortable.

Shipping is possible in a sturdy and very good case. https://www.protectionracket.com/products/item/bass-guitar-case-std

Here are some soundfiles, recorded at home.





  • 2006 Jerzy Drozd Obsession Excellency 6 Strings
  • 35" Scale
  • 24 Frets
  • Etimoe Body
  • Zebrawood Top
  • 3 Piece Maple Neck
  • 7 Screws Bolt-on Maple Neck
  • Ebony Fretboard
  • Matching Headstock
  • Two pieces Jerzy Drozd Bridge
  • Two Jerzy Drozd Single Coils Pickup
  • Aguilar OBP-3 Preamp
  • 18mm strings spacing, possible to up to 19mm or down to 16.5mm.
  • 9mm at nut
  • Ebony Nut
  • Asymetrical D Neck
  • Controls : Volume/Blend/Bass/Medium 400hz or 800hz/Treble
  • Trussrod : One double-acting fully working
  • Weight : 4.4kg
  • Machine heads : Gotoh
  • Controls Knobs : Wood, maple and Zebrawood.













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14 hours ago, visog said:

Oh pretty. I prefer this understated design to his more elaborate ones. Tasty - GLWTS

thank you, the look is one thing, the sound is very versatile. 

If you are interested, I will gladly provide sound files by e-mail. 

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On 06/03/2020 at 15:10, petebassist said:

Funky Habbits -  wow !!! Superb tone & playing.

Thank you, this bass is very inviting to play. It sounds and plays really good 😎

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On 25/04/2020 at 15:13, TheGreek said:

Agree...lovely phatt tones....


Thanks, because of needing some cash *Price Drop now 2499 € for a short time* 

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8 hours ago, foxtrott said:

Thanks, because of needing some cash *Price Drop now 2499 € for a short time* 

Can I just confirm please, that’s euros?

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3 hours ago, HumblePie said:

Why don't you send him a PM?

If it’s stated in the advert then it’s visible to everyone who might be interested. 

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thank you all for your feedbacks, offers and questions, now I'll offer this great bass for a straight sale => 2.500 € for a while 😉



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12 hours ago, David González Rodríguez said:

Good afternoon ,sorry,would you be interested in any change??ley me know please,thanks in advance.regards

yes I'am really looking for a good Fender Jazz or Precision vintage bass or maybe other. Please let me know your offer via pm.

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      So, my pickups showed up today. I dig'em. They kinda got a solid modern tone. Like, a "studio tone" if you would. Slightly scooped. But, not dull and honky like other noiseless jazz pickups. Where they sound more like splits or humbuckers. And, they are very responsive. Fender done did pretty good with these guys. Check it out.
      Oh FYI, 
      Apparently you do not need a ground. Like, at all on your bass. It won't hum any more or less than normal, and it will work perfectly fine all in all without it. Because, as it turns out, my bass didn't even have a ground connected at all. No wire ran. Whatsoever. And, it worked just fine in all aspects. Weird right? Learn something new every day.
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      For sale is my Xotic XJPro - 01.
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      It is a wonderfully easy bass to play, the neck in particular feels super nice. It has a really nice set up as it so fresh from the shop! It is strung with a set of DR Pure Blues strings. Condition is as new.
      Here's a link to the Xotic website - http://xoticbasses.com These models were only available for a limited and are discontinued now, so do not expect to see therm come up very often! Such a high quality bass particularly at this price point.
      Comes with a very stylish case. 
      Pickup or meet up in London, within reasonable distance of N1 only.
      So, I made a new demo video for the bass - reason being that I had not been playing much bass guitar when I made the last one, so my plucking fingers had gone a bit soft and I don't think I was getting as a good a sound as usual. I have been playing much more the last couple of weeks (mainly on my P bass), so my fingers have toughened up a bit.
      Also, this time I went through the DI on my Markbass 121 combo - EQ all flat, no filters applied on amp, just a bit of a bass boost on the Xotic's preamp, and tiny bit of compression applied in Logic. Apologies for the naff slapping at the end!

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      I'm going to regret this, but I need to thin the herd, and create some space. I'm going to put a couple more basses up for sale shortly, if they sell, I may withdraw this one.
      This is one of the early runs of the model, and having played a recent one, I can confirm the early ones are the best. All original, apart from an added grounding strip (easily removed).
      This bass sounds and plays superb. At just under 4kg it's light for a jazz. NO TRADES - I'm thinning the herd (unless you have a 5 string Wingbass, or Fingy, or similar).
      I'd much prefer collection or meet-up. We can't do that just yet (unless you're also in Wales) - so I'm just putting this up to see who's interested... Hopefully we can arrange the sale for a couple of weeks time.
      I'd prefer not to post, unless buyer arranges their own courier.

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      Details are,
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      I paid £1123 for this at the start of 2020 and it has never been gigged or even left the house. Price is £800, based in Camberley, Surrey and UK shipping available at buyers cost.
      Would consider trades for the following,
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      Fender American Performer Precision.

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