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EHX Battalion / One Control Xenagam - 3 Loop Pedal

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For Sale / Trade

Stock photos for now, will update when i get in.

For trades, interested in Preamps . .Tech 21 Darkglass etc.


Xenagama Tail Loop 2 - Excellent condition with box + Velcro underneath. 3 loops plus tuner/mute out, and 4 9v outputs for powering pedals. - £120

3 Loops | Non-Programmable
The Xenagama is a three-channel loop switcher equipped with four DC outputs. It’s perfect for smaller pedal boards that don’t have the room to accommodate a switcher and a power supply. The loops are all true bypass and it also has a separate tuner output. Perfect for pedals or tuners that seem to sucking out your tone while not in use. Takes a standard 9V power supply and can be used passively if so desired, however power outputs will not be active. This small loop switcher is perfect for the minimalist who needs a little more.
3 Channel Loop switcher, Tuner/Mute Switch and 4 DC outputs, all in an extremely compact package. Simplify your pedalboard and have easy access to all of your effects with this high quality 3 channel true bypass audio looper. Like all of One Control's products, the Xenagama is true bypass. Even if you have more than three pedals, the Xenagama is a great solution for making your vintage pedals true bypass. Also minimize wear and tear on your high-end boutique pedals by using the Xenagama Tail Loop. 

Dimensions (Including Switches): 244Wx41Dx46H mm
Current Draw: 5mA max
 Weight: 320g

EHX Bass Battlion - Excellent condition with box + Velcro underneath.

Cool all in bass preamp with a cool distortion

  • - Four-band EQ tailored specifically for bass guitar. Includes controls for Bass (below 200Hz), Lo Mid (boost/cut at 280Hz Mid (boost/cut at 750Hz) and Treble (boost/cut above 2kHz).
  • - The Battalion’s distortion section delivers an awesome array of distorted bass sounds.
  • - Distortion section features Level, Blend, Drive and Tone controls plus a dedicated footswitch.
  • - Three signal flow modes yield unique tonal variations. Pre EQ, distortion comes before EQ. Post EQ, distortion comes after EQ and Dry EQ, only the dry signal mixed in with the Blend control is affected by the EQ
  • - Compressor with dedicated pushbutton, amount control and LED adds thump and sustain to your bass sound
  • - Noise Gate with adjustable threshold control eliminates noise and hum while preserving your attack and original tone
  • - Flexible I/O allows the Battalion to fit perfectly in any bass rig or application
  • - ¼" input jack includes switchable 10dB pad
  • - Includes a headphone ready ¼" output jack plus a hardwired ¼" dry output jack
  • - Balanced XLR output for use as a DI. The DI features dedicated level, bypass and ground lift controls
  • - All-analog circuitry
  • - Current Draw: 100mA @ 9VDC
  • - Dimensions in inches: 4.75(w) x 5.75(l) x 2.5(h)
  • - Dimensions in mm: 121(w) x 146(l) x 64(h)                     

Prices include P+P, UK only.



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