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Laney Pro-Linebacker PL100 bass head

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Last night I played a gig using one of those heads and an Orange 410 cab at a local music bar.

I've played there many times using an Orange Terror head they used to have, but it seems it broke down and got this one instead.

It's old, I guess 90s. It's ugly. It's big. It's only 100W. But I liked it. 

I enjoyed it more than the Orange Terror Bass, it was easier to get a nice sound, it felt powerful, it just worked beautifully and it certainly was no lacking in volume either... unless all the power is achieved within the first third of the master knob.

Does anybody know anything about these heads? It looks like when they show up for sale, they don't go for more than £100-140, which is a great deal for an amplifier like this. I've been a fan of Laney for a long time. I used to have a VC50 in my guitar days... Heavy beast, but it sounded great and it was one of the loudest amplifiers I've ever tried (aside from a Fender Twin) whilst sounding good.

It's big and silly, the PL-100 Bass, but I'd buy one as backup in a heartbeat.

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