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FS : Yamaha BB5000 Fretless-on hold
Elewijt -Belgium

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Bought this a couple of months ago since I loved playing five string again and thought that an extra fretless 5 would be nice...

It was especially exciting because it belonged to thé top session bass player around here in Belgium whom I saw several times live with this bass and I had no idea it was his bass which was actually for sale in that small garage of a PA firm.

Plays really well and especially the Jaco-ish bridge sound is a treat and the sustain turned out to be great too.. The string spacing is a bit narrow for me (no idea what it is) but that wasn't the "problem". I just don't pick it up as much as I had expected and I prefer playing a four string fretless far more. Turned out there was no extra benefit in having a five string and I don't find myself composing songs on this bass either while other basses inspire me more.

Comes with the Original case and shipment to the UK is included (local pickup is also possible but I live near Brussels). edit : Forgot to mention it but no PayPal please, not that I have something to hide but I had problems with their fees and exchange rates in the past during transactions here on BC and I would prefer not to use them again, sorry)

Feel free to check my feedback here on bass.chat..I'm not really looking for trades but perhaps a funky five string could do the trick, you never know.

Made a video to give an impression of the sound (the bass is passive and it says "Made in Taiwan"). Thx for looking.


5000 001.JPG

5000 002.JPG

5000 003.JPG

5000 004.JPG

5000 007.JPG

5000 009.JPG

5000 010.JPG

5000 011.JPG

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