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Warwick Corvette $$ Double Buck 5 string [FS/FT] £700

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Rather sadly I'm just not playing my Warwick basses anymore so I think it's time they found a new home, so here's my 2006 Double Buck ($$) 5 string. 

The finish is a bit worse for wear in a few places but from the front it looks pretty good still, nothing much you'd notice when it's on stage. 

It plays fine and sounds good, just like you'd a expect one of these basses to - if you don't know much about them have a quick Google, you won't hear many bad words said. Loads of tone options with the pickup selectors, a friend of mine has one of these too and I can quote him as saying he's never managed to get a bad tone out of it. 

I believe being a 2006 model it would be German made, if anyone knows different please correct me! 

I fitted the Dunlop recessed strap lock myself (to match the Thumb NT 5 I'm also selling) as the original ones had worn out, I will of course provide the strap buttons to go with it. 

It'll also come with the manual and truss rod tool etc, I'll dig that out and get a pic later if I get a chance. 

Don't be shy if you've got any questions, I'll answer as best I can but I know there's a few guys on this forum who know their Warwicks inside out if we get stuck. Likewise, if you know I'm wrong on any of this it's not intentional so please feel free to let me know! 

I'm asking £700 (was £800, now reduced) but I'm open to negotiations, I've had a quick search about online and all I can't find another one to gauge the value against - just the Rockbass ones which are £800 new, whereas a proper Warwick won't get you change from £1500.

I'll consider trades plus cash either way, I'd be interested in;

Exotic woods/finishes/body shapes on basses, Warwicks with the pre '00s neck profile, Status, Dingwall, something unusual - 5 stringers only. Darkglass heads, barefaced cabs. 











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Correction - it's an '06, not '04
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I used to have one of these! They are bloody fantastic!!  I haven't actually seen one for sale in such a long time.

I need money :(

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1 hour ago, Exile252 said:

I used to have one of these! They are bloody fantastic!!  I haven't actually seen one for sale in such a long time.

I need money :(

Yeah, there really doesn't seem to be many around! 

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Posted (edited)

Back up she goes, still open to trades and offers. Cheers! 

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Bump from me too - heard these played in a fusion band live and was very impressed with the buttery phat bass.

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Back to the top! 

Still interested in trades for interesting 5 strings, Darkglass heads and Barefaced cabs. 


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19 hours ago, Exile252 said:

I want this so bad :(

I'm happy to take trades for the right gear, only straight trades or cash my way though I'm afraid. 

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    • By BenTunnicliffe
      Hi everyone, selling my Overwater Perception Pro Deluxe Custom 5 String with its Overwater/Hiscox Case.
      Manufactured 2007 Purchased by me in December 2010 5 String 24 Frets 9V Active 4.6kg (bass on its own) Volume, Pickup Pan, Bass, Mid, Treble, Push/Pull High End Boost Bolt-On Neck Upgraded Overwater PreAmp (Fit By Overwater) Overwater/Hiscox Hardcase Selling Due To No Longer Playing Collection-Only, Cardiff, UK Strung Bb - Gb  
      As far as I can remember, the ‘custom’ in its name denotes it having a non-standard bridge to what was offered at the time of manufacture. In October 2015 I safely sent the bass to Chris May at Overwater for some love & attention and it was at that point in its life that its active preamp was upgraded to the newest model available at the time and a ramp between the pickups was also fit with the most matching wood Overwater were capable of providing. The bass also had a full service while it was with them.
      I do not have Facebook myself but if you were to head to overwater’s FB page you will see an image they uploaded while it was with them in the shop that verifies the date these upgrades were made by them.
      I have no altered the bass in any way myself and it is in remarkable condition. That said, it has been used to me in hundreds of professional environments therefore has the faintest of hairlines present on some of the body/neck but nothing that affects playability. I have always been careful to not let the bass come in contact with belt buckles/belt sanders and if it wasn’t in a hardcase it was always propped up safely on a stand. The gold hardware has began to reflect a slightly more silver/chrome finish due to my hands running over it so regularly.
      I have professionally used the bass with much love and care since I bought it and am only parting with it as I no longer have any yearning to be involved in the business. It seems an absolute crime to have this stunning instrument sat in its case doing absolutely nothing.
      The bass is for sale for £1050 including the case and I will have to insist on it being pick-up only from Cardiff. The only thing I can imagine being sadder than parting with the bass is for it to be damaged in transit. 
      I would also really like for someone to come and have a play of the bass rather than trying to pay me from overseas and have me deal with a third party here acting as a courier. This is only because it would allow too much room for miscommunication and I am not confident in my ability to safely package something so delicate for international shipping.
      Thanks for reading and I will do my best to reply to any queries asap!

    • By tvickey
      Just arrived from Amsterdam today (Bass Connection)... a silver Warwick Chrome Tone LX 5 from 2004.  Seems to be in pretty good shape... the wood body on this thing was chromed at the Warwick factory.  Fingerboard is Ebony and it has bell bronze frets.  MEC pick-ups.  Very nice sound.  It has some very minor scratches and dings which add character, but that also means I won't feel bad about gigging it. 

    • By ChrisJaxon
      Price now £280
      I have another bass in-coming, so one has to go, and up for sale is my Squier Contemporary Active HH Jazz 5-string in black. I bought this new in December 2018, and I have used it at a few gigs and jams, and it sounds great, especially with the wide variety of tones you can get from the two humbuckers with the bass and treble boosts. It can really growl as well as honk. It would be a slapper’s delight, but I do not do slap!
      The bass is essentially in as new condition, all original.
      Specification details and video review available on the Andertons website here
      Strung with d’Addario EXL170’s.
      I can post the bass if required, but personal collection and try-out preferred. I live near Stroud in Gloucestershire.



    • By topgun
      Hello everyone,
      I have given up on the dream. Middle age has won and I'm selling (nearly) all my gear, including this fantastic instrument. I bought it second-hand, and since then it has never been gigged, just used for fun and recording at home, and always put back in the case (included) at the end of the day. Sounds and plays great, as you would expect from these. It's in a very good cosmetic shape (see pics). 
      Not much to say, really, other than it should go to someone who intends to use it more than me.
      I'm not interested in any trades, sorry. I need to get rid of stuff, not just replace one thing with another. I think I've priced this fairly, so hopefully that helps you make up your mind.
      It's 4.3kg on my bathroom scales.
      Local pickup preferred but I'm willing to meet somewhere not too far from home (South London). Alternatively, I'm in Worthing 2-3 days a week for work, so I could bring it down there if that suits. If you want it delivered, you will have to pay for fully insured posting.
      Happy to answer any questions.
      (Ps. I'm also selling an Xotic XP4, Sire Marcus Miller V7, Markbass CMD 121H combo, and some effects and stuff - look out for those postings as well, if you're interested.)

    • By TJ Spicer
      Warwick Starbass II Custom Shop 2010 - £2650 £2375 £2250
      There's only one of these in the world, and I think it's absolutely stunning. Sadly, the neck's too skinny for me to be really comfortable and tonally I'm an Alder+Maple bolt-on traditionalist when it comes to sound, whereas this bass offers some really great harmonic complexity. If you want a bass to draw the attention - this is it. I never cease to get comments from people every time I take it out - aesthetically and sonically. 

      It's a Bubinga Body, and Mahogany neck, Ebony fingerboard. The inlays are a gorgeous combination of mother of pearl and abalone. It's bound all the way around with black binding. It's got Warwick's quality bridge and Just-a-Nut III to get the action just where you want it.
      It has a few very very tiny marks which I've photographed. It comes with a hulking-great robust flight case which I'm happy to take out of the deal and reduce the price if it's not wanted. This will likely make shipping a little more than usual - but does replace the need for insurance 😉. 

      I'm happy to ship, have the bass collected, or meet you somewhere on my travels.

      Thank you for looking!

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