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Warwick Corvette $$ Double Buck 5 string [FS/FT] £700

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Rather sadly I'm just not playing my Warwick basses anymore so I think it's time they found a new home, so here's my 2006 Double Buck ($$) 5 string. 

The finish is a bit worse for wear in a few places but from the front it looks pretty good still, nothing much you'd notice when it's on stage. 

It plays fine and sounds good, just like you'd a expect one of these basses to - if you don't know much about them have a quick Google, you won't hear many bad words said. Loads of tone options with the pickup selectors, a friend of mine has one of these too and I can quote him as saying he's never managed to get a bad tone out of it. 

I believe being a 2006 model it would be German made, if anyone knows different please correct me! 

I fitted the Dunlop recessed strap lock myself (to match the Thumb NT 5 I'm also selling) as the original ones had worn out, I will of course provide the strap buttons to go with it. 

It'll also come with the manual and truss rod tool etc, I'll dig that out and get a pic later if I get a chance. 

Don't be shy if you've got any questions, I'll answer as best I can but I know there's a few guys on this forum who know their Warwicks inside out if we get stuck. Likewise, if you know I'm wrong on any of this it's not intentional so please feel free to let me know! 

I'm asking £700 (was £800, now reduced) but I'm open to negotiations, I've had a quick search about online and all I can't find another one to gauge the value against - just the Rockbass ones which are £800 new, whereas a proper Warwick won't get you change from £1500.

I'll consider trades plus cash either way, I'd be interested in;

Exotic woods/finishes/body shapes on basses, Warwicks with the pre '00s neck profile, Status, Dingwall, something unusual - 5 stringers only. Darkglass heads, barefaced cabs. 











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Correction - it's an '06, not '04
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I used to have one of these! They are bloody fantastic!!  I haven't actually seen one for sale in such a long time.

I need money :(

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1 hour ago, Exile252 said:

I used to have one of these! They are bloody fantastic!!  I haven't actually seen one for sale in such a long time.

I need money :(

Yeah, there really doesn't seem to be many around! 

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Posted (edited)

Back up she goes, still open to trades and offers. Cheers! 

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Bump from me too - heard these played in a fusion band live and was very impressed with the buttery phat bass.

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Back to the top! 

Still interested in trades for interesting 5 strings, Darkglass heads and Barefaced cabs. 


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19 hours ago, Exile252 said:

I want this so bad :(

I'm happy to take trades for the right gear, only straight trades or cash my way though I'm afraid. 

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Can't seem to edit the text of my original post to add it, but I'd also be interested in trading for a Line 6 Helix. Cheers! 

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    • By AlexJMcGibbon
      Sire M7 5 String in natural ash, version 2. 
      Only about 6 months old, gigged a handful of times. One small ding on the top (pictured), and some very light scratches on the back that I couldn't even get to photograph.
      Super powerful preamp and loads of switching options. Currently strung with nickel elixirs.
      Can courier at buyer's expense in original Sire box

    • By foya
      Bass made in 2007 
      upgraded with Emg active pickup and Emg wiring (vol, tone for each pickup) 
      the MM pickup is switchable to single coils.
      body is made of ash and maple figured top.. ovangkol neck and wenge fingerboard.
      the bass sound great and the playability is stunning.
      this is a player bass with a lot of dings made by the owner before me, but nothing affect the sound and playability.
      More pics on request

    • By spyder
      Due to a house move in 6 weeks time I am putting up my very special and rare Warrior bass up for sale.
      I am offering it a crazy price before I move in 6 weeks.
      £1650 for UK postage.
      £1700 EU postage. 
      Estimated normal second hand price is around £2500.
      Selling cheap because of house move.
      Would prefer a trade for a 4 or 5 string bass and CASH. Something like a Jazz / P / Gibson or Rick. 
      Personal meeting / exchange preferred due to the cost and rarity of the Warrior.
      Current price for the Warrior DM5 model is from $7000. 


      Warrior custom signature 5 string bass. 

      Thru neck design. 

      Alder body wings with walnut top. 

      Natural oiled wood finish. 

      5 piece maple / wenge / purple heart thru neck. 

      Ebony fret board. 

      Ebony head stock. 

      Pearl sword inlay at 12th fret. 

      Traa Daniels ( P.O.D ) pearl inlay from his "payable on death" ( 2003 ) album. This was his actual bass and was used to record the album. 

      Black Hipshot hardware. 

      Glockenklang 3 band preamp. 

      Dingwall rubber knobs. 

      Bass Culture custom pickups with matching wooden covers. 

      Bridge pickup coil tap switch. 

      Locking 1/4 inch input jack. 

      24 frets. 

      Thru body stringing on B and E strings. 

      Low action ( 1.6 mm A,D,G strings - 1.75 mm B,E strings ) and big powerful sound from this professional instrument. 

      Strung with new Rotosound 66 stainless steel 45 - 130 strings. 

      Bass has been gigged and used in studios around the world. 

      The bass will be shipped in its original snake skin effect hard case. 



    • By Gary Williams
      This is going to break my heart but something I want just a little more has come up.
      This is my beautiful Status Empathy 5 String, made in 1999.
      In superb condition except a small line in the lacquer from the neck pickup screw upwards as seen in the pics. It's not a deep crack and I have polished most of it out.
      Wafer thin action after a recent set up with Rob @ Status and sounds utterly incredible. 2 new battery boxes fitted.
      **** EDIT: Apologies people, spacing at bridge is dead on 15mm between strings ****
      Ideally pickup in Sussex.
      I'll let the pictures do the talking.
      NO TRADES please

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